Phlebotomy 101 is an introductory training to venipuncture. The two-day classroom and clinical, hands-on training teaches venipuncture. The course is offered to research coordinators bi-monthly. 


The Phlebotomy 101 training is led by GCRCs nurses Vani Manoharan, RN, DeBorah Rowser, RN, and Rebecca Thomas, RN. The course is now offered to Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) and University of Georgia (UGA) faculty and staff.


Current Phlebotomy 101 Training Schedule


Pre-Registration Requirements

  1. Cost for the training course is $580 paid with a valid department speedtype.
  2. Complete HLC Module “Venipuncture Reminders” #40039x for University employees or #40039 for Emory Healthcare employees.
  3. Complete and pass Post-test module with at least 80% score.
  4. Print module certificate to be submitted as for Phlebotomy Training 101 participation.

Registration Instructions

  1. Register through Emory Learning Management Systems (ELMS) at Under "Find Learning" search for course number 312233 or Phlebotomy 101. 
  2. Complete Registration Form 
  3. Submit the following to:
  4. HLC module certificate of completion
  5. Principal Investigator or Supervisor's recommendation letter
  6. Registration Form
  7. Current Resume
  8. Copy of CPR Card*
*Note: The Office for Clinical Research offers CPR only for those who need it for Emory Healthcare credentialing purposes. If you do not fit, you can obtain CPR certification from AHA trainer Derek Johnston (, who provides training on Emory campus.



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