ACTSI Investigator Dr. Arshed Quyyumi in the News

Arshed Quyyumi, MD, ACTSI investigator, professor of medicine at Emory University School of Medicine and director of Emory's Cardiovascular Research Center

Sound Science: When Mental Stress Leads to Restricted Blood Flow
May 19, 2011

Science Daily | | Sleep Apnea Disorder Info | Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News | Poor sleep quality increases inflammation, community study finds
November 15, 2010

Science Centric | Health Jockey & | Saga | Measuring oxidative stress can predict risk of atrial fibrillation
April 6, 2011

Grand Forks Herald | Vitamin D levels linked with health of blood vessels
April 9, 2011

Top News | Atrial fibrillation can be calmed by ablation
April 9, 2011

Japan Herald | eBioNews | Measuring oxidative stress may help predict atrial fibrillation risk
April 5, 2011 | Private MD Labs | Christian Broadcasting Network | Community study finds that poor sleep quality increases inflammation
November 17, 2010 | Measuring oxidative stress may help predict atrial fibrillation risk
April 5, 2011

UPI | Times of India | | Xinhua| Lack of vitamin D may stiffen arteries
April 4, 2011

WebMD | Failing hearts healed with stem cells
March 17, 2011 | Super Bowl: fun to watch, bad for your health
February 4, 2011

CNN |KJRH | Health Video: Super Bowl losses and cardiac death
February 4, 2011

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