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Browse 2013 ACTSI's news articles past and present by sorting by date, title, and category (Community, Discovery, and Training). Stories with purple tabs feature community-focused work, yellow tabs highlight stories of discovery or science advances, and stories with blue tabs offer spotlights and profiles of ACTSI's scholars and trainees. Showing only Science Advances or Spotlights provides an archive of ACTSI stories of success. Science Advances explain scientific breakthroughs made with ACTSI support providing concrete examples of translation. Spotlights focus on funding opportunities, special events, and programmatic achievement.

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138621960000012-05-2013 ACTSI Co-PI Wins Distinguished Clemson Award Discovery
138621960000012-05-2013 View Webinar on ACTSI's Research Education, Training, & Career Development Programs Training
138621960000012-05-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Gary Miller in the News Discoveryspotlight
138621960000012-05-2013 ACTSI/Children's Pediatric Research Center Welcomes New Leadership Discovery
138682440000012-12-2013 New ACTSI/Emory/Georgia Tech Coulter Program Director Discovery
138682440000012-12-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Guillermo Umpierrez in the News Discoveryspotlight
138742920000012-19-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Paula Frew in the News Trainingspotlight
138682440000012-12-2013 Georgia Tech Student's Accomplishments After Completing Certificate Program Trainingspotlight
136004040000002-05-2013 Science Advance: A culture-specific nutrient intake assessment instrument in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis TrainingscienceAdv
138682440000012-12-2013 A Model for Strengthening Collaborative Research Capacity: Illustrations From the ACTSI CommunityscienceAdv
138742920000012-19-2013 Science Advance: Crohn's disease study uses patients' own bone marrow cells for personalized treatment DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
138380040000011-07-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Javed Butler in the News Discoveryspotlight
138380040000011-07-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Thomas Pearson in the News Discoveryspotlight
138501000000011-21-2013 Science Advance: A subunit-selective potentiator of NR2C- and NR2D-containing NMDA receptors DiscoveryscienceAdv
138501000000011-21-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Michelle LaPlaca in the News Discoveryspotlight
138501000000011-21-2013 ACTSI Master of Science in Clinical Research Scholar's Career Progress Trainingspotlight
138380040000011-07-2013 Atlanta Universities Support MRSA Studies at Children's and Grady TrainingscienceAdvspotlight
138440520000011-14-2013 Science Advance: LINGO1 and LINGO2 variants are associated with essential tremor and Parkinson disease DiscoveryscienceAdv
138077280000010-03-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Mark Prausnitz in the News Discoveryspotlight
138137760000010-10-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. William Hu in the News Discoveryspotlight
138180960000010-15-2013 ACTSI Investigators & Emory School of Medicine MilliPub Club Awardees Discovery
138180960000010-15-2013 ACTSI Investigator/Scholar Dr. Andi Shane in the News Trainingspotlight
138189600000010-16-2013 ACTSI Investigators Recipients of Emory's 1% Award Discovery
138189600000010-16-2013 Millipub Club | Emory 1% Training
138258720000010-24-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Andres Garcia in the News Discoveryspotlight
138310560000010-30-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Nael McCarty in the News Discoveryspotlight
138077280000010-03-2013 Science Advance: Acute Heart Failure-Patient Characteristics and Pathophysiology TrainingscienceAdv
138137760000010-10-2013 Science Advance: Comparative Assessment of a Smartphone Otoscope for the Diagnosis and Management of Acute Otitis Media DiscoveryscienceAdv
138258720000010-24-2013 Models of Inter-institutional Partnerships between Research Intensive Universities and Minority Serving Institutions across the CTSA Consortium DiscoveryscienceAdv
138319200000010-31-2013 Science Advance: Intimate Partner Violence Among HIV-Infected Crack Cocaine Users TrainingscienceAdv
137835360000009-05-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Jacques Galipeau in the News Discoveryspotlight
137895840000009-12-2013 Fogarty Awards New Infectious Disease Research Training Grant to ACTSI Program Director/Investigator Training
137895840000009-12-2013 More ResearchMatch Sub-registries Launched Discovery
137895840000009-12-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Walter Curran in the News Discoveryspotlight
137956320000009-19-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Madhuri Hegde in the News Discoveryspotlight
138016800000009-26-2013 ACTSI Co-Program Director Receives NIH Director's Broadening Experience in Scientific Training (BEST) Award Discovery
138016800000009-26-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Drew Westen in the News Discoveryspotlight
138016800000009-26-2013 ACTSI Master of Science in Clinical Research (MSCR) Scholar Success Trainingspotlight
137956320000009-19-2013 Science Advance: Molecular Beacons Light Path to Cardiac Muscle Repair DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
138016800000009-26-2013 Science Advance: Approximate and Pseudo-Likelihood Analysis for Logistic Regression Using External Validation Data to Model Log Exposure Discovery
137593440000008-08-2013 Engage in New Clinical Research Nurse Alliance Discovery
137593440000008-08-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Nanette Wenger in the News Discoveryspotlight
137645280000008-14-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Carlos del Rio in the News Discoveryspotlight
137714400000008-22-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Kimberly Workowski in the News Discoveryspotlight
137774880000008-29-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Gang Bao in the News Discoveryspotlight
137714400000008-22-2013 Building the Next Generation of Translational Investigators Trainingspotlight
137593440000008-08-2013 Science Advance: Emory-VA Collaborate on Diabetes Drug Study TrainingscienceAdv
137645280000008-14-2013 Science Advance: Treatment of nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy DiscoveryscienceAdv
137714400000008-22-2013 Science Advance: Protein Expression is a Prognostic Biomarker in Patients with Early-Stage Resected Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma TrainingscienceAdv
137774880000008-29-2013 Science Advance: No increased risk of obstructive sleep apnea in Parkinson's disease DiscoveryscienceAdv
137282400000007-03-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Nicole Turgeon in the News Discoveryspotlight
137351520000007-11-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Michael Frankel in the News Discoveryspotlight
137412000000007-18-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Viraj Master in the News Discoveryspotlight
137472480000007-25-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Helen Mayberg in the News Discoveryspotlight
137515680000007-30-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Igho Ofotokun in the News Discoveryspotlight
137394720000007-16-2013 Scholar Spotlight: Certificate Program in Translational Research Discoveryspotlight
137282400000007-03-2013 Science Advance: Study Links Post-traumatic Stress Disorder & Cardiovascular Disease DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
137351520000007-11-2013 Science Advance: The renin-angiotensin pathway in posttraumatic stress disorder: angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers are associated with fewer traumatic stress symptoms DiscoveryscienceAdv
137412000000007-18-2013 Science Advance: Sexually transmitted diseases-Prevalence of urethral Trichomonas vaginalis in black and white men who have sex with men TrainingscienceAdv
137472480000007-25-2013 Science Advance: Critical care medicine: Stem cells in sepsis and acute lung injury Discovery
137524320000007-31-2013 Moderate versus intensive treatment of hypertension using amlodipine/valsartan and with the addition of hydrochlorothiazide for patients uncontrolled on angiotensin receptor blocker monotherapy: results in racial/ethnic subgroups TrainingscienceAdv
137049120000006-06-2013 NIH Director Visits Georgia Research Community Discovery
137049120000006-06-2013 ResearchMatch Launches Second Condition Specific Sub-Registry Discovery
137049120000006-06-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Andrew Miller in the News Discoveryspotlight
137109600000006-13-2013 What is REDCap? Discovery
137109600000006-13-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Kerry Ressler in the News Discoveryspotlight
137170080000006-20-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Edward Lin in the News Discoveryspotlight
137230560000006-27-2013 Congratulations All Around Discovery
137230560000006-27-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Kevin Ault in the News Discoveryspotlight
137230560000006-27-2013 Jump-start Study Recruitment: Two Websites to Publicize Clinical Trials Discovery
137049120000006-06-2013 Science Advance: Monoclonal antibody effective in treating life-threatening renal disease TrainingscienceAdvspotlight
137109600000006-13-2013 Science Advance: Translation to Practice of an Intervention to Promote Colorectal Cancer Screening Among African Americans DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
137109600000006-13-2013 Science Advance: Heart Failure Clinical Trials Network DiscoveryscienceAdv
137170080000006-20-2013 Science Advance: Innovative Bone Marrow Therapy to Treat Crohn's Disease DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
137230560000006-27-2013 Science Advance: ACTSI Translational Science Poster TrainingscienceAdv
136746720000005-02-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Guillermo Umpierrez in the News Discoveryspotlight
136807200000005-09-2013 Congrats to ACTSI TL1 Dual-Degree Student Training
136807200000005-09-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Mark Mulligan in the News Discoveryspotlight
136867680000005-16-2013 ACTSI MSCR Student Named First Fellow in Primary Lateral Sclerosis Training
136867680000005-16-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Greg Berns in the News Discoveryspotlight
136928160000005-23-2013 ACTSI Investigators Andres Garcia & Todd McDevitt Featured on NIH Director's Blog Discovery
136928160000005-23-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Larry Young in the News Trainingspotlight
136988640000005-30-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Barbara Rothbaum in the News Discoveryspotlight
136928160000005-23-2013 The Commercialization FastTrac Discoveryspotlight
136746720000005-02-2013 Science Advance: Sinonasal Epithelial Wound Resealing in an In Vitro Model: Inhibition of Wound Closure with IL-4 Exposure DiscoveryscienceAdv
136807200000005-09-2013 Science Advance: Engineered Biomaterial for Cell Transplantation may Hold Hope for Type 1 Diabetes TrainingscienceAdvspotlight
136867680000005-16-2013 Science Advance: Hepatitis C Therapeutic Registry & Research Network (HCV-TARGET) TrainingscienceAdv
136928160000005-23-2013 Science Advance: Evaluation of Frailty in Older Adults with Cardiovascular Disease, Incorporating Physical Performance Measures TrainingscienceAdv
136988640000005-30-2013 Science Advance: Early Alterations of the Immune Transcriptome in Cultured Progenitor Cells From Obese African-American Women DiscoveryscienceAdv
136504800000004-04-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Dong Moon Shin in the News Discoveryspotlight
136539360000004-08-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Erwin Van Meir in the News Trainingspotlight
136565280000004-11-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Sandra Dunbar in the News Discoveryspotlight
136565280000004-11-2013 NCATS Visits the ACTSI Training
136686240000004-25-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Arshed Quyyumi in the News Discoveryspotlight
136504800000004-04-2013 Science Advance Featured on The Colbert Report Discoveryspotlight
136565280000004-11-2013 The Princess & the PRC: The Story of the ACTSI's Pediatric Research Center at Egleston Discoveryspotlight
136504800000004-04-2013 Science Advance: Psychosocial factors associated with diet quality in a working adult population. TrainingscienceAdv
135848520000001-18-2013 Science Advance-Paths to Success: Optimal & Equitable Health Outcomes for All CommunityscienceAdv
136686240000004-25-2013 Research Collaboration: Neurop & ACTSI Scientists Target Cognitive & Mental Health Disorders TrainingscienceAdv
136263240000003-07-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Stephen Warren in the News Discovery
136323360000003-14-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Patrick Sullivan in the News Discoveryspotlight
136323360000003-14-2013 ARRA Grants Build Research Capacity & Best Practices in Georgia Communities Community
136383840000003-21-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Raymond Schinazi in the News Discoveryspotlight
136435680000003-27-2013 Georgia Tech Capstone Expo Training
136435680000003-27-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Vinod Thourani in the News Discoveryspotlight
136435680000003-27-2013 NCATS Funds Summer Institute for Training in Biostatistics Trainingspotlight
136263240000003-07-2013 Science Advance: Excess variants in AFF2 detected by massively parallel sequencing of males with autism spectrum disorder DiscoveryscienceAdv
136323360000003-14-2013 Science Advance: Transbrachial intra-aortic balloon pumping for high-risk percutaneous coronary intervention DiscoveryscienceAdv
136383840000003-21-2013 Science Advance: Anesthesia and analgesia: Transfusion management of trauma patients DiscoveryscienceAdv
136435680000003-27-2013 Science Advance: IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology & Bioinformatics: Incorporating Nonlinear Relationships in Microarray Missing Value Imputation DiscoveryscienceAdv
136021320000002-07-2013 ACTSI Studio Consultations Training
136021320000002-07-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Laurence Sperling in the News Discoveryspotlight
136081800000002-14-2013 ACTSI Scholar Selected to Serve as Associate Scientific Advisor for Science Translational Medicine Training
136081800000002-14-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Wendy Armstrong in the News Trainingspotlight
136142280000002-21-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Christine Moe in the News Trainingspotlight
136202760000002-28-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. James Hughes in the News Trainingspotlight
136202760000002-28-2013 ACTSI Trainee Receives CBPR R-Grant Trainingspotlight
135969480000002-01-2013 Science Advance: Inflammatory mediator patterns in tracheal aspirate and their association with bronchopulmonary dysplasia in very low birth weight neonates DiscoveryscienceAdv
136021320000002-07-2013 Science Advance: The health-related quality of life impact of chronic pruritus-the skin equivalent of chronic pain TrainingscienceAdv
136081800000002-14-2013 Science Advance: Mediators of a long-term movement abnormality in a Drosophila melanogaster model of classic galactosemia TrainingscienceAdv
136142280000002-21-2013 Science Advance: Targeted sequencing of the human X chromosome exome DiscoveryscienceAdv
136202760000002-28-2013 Science Advance: A pilot study in discrepancies in quality of life among three cutaneous types of rosacea TrainingscienceAdv
135718920000001-03-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Rafi Ahmed in the News Discoveryspotlight
135770760000001-09-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Douglas Morris in the News Discoveryspotlight
135779400000001-10-2013 ACTSI Clinical Research Network Site Director Named to American Diabetes Association Board Discovery
135839880000001-17-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Sheryl Gabram in the News Discoveryspotlight
135891720000001-23-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Xiaodong Cheng in the News Discoveryspotlight
153689760000009-14-2018 Institutional Data Use Agreement between Emory, MSM, Georgia Tech, UGA, & Children's Discoveryspotlight
135718920000001-03-2013 Science Advance: Likelihood-based methods for regression analysis with binary exposure status assessed by pooling DiscoveryscienceAdv
135779400000001-10-2013 Science Advance: Diffusion-weighted MRI for monitoring tumor response to photodynamic therapy DiscoveryscienceAdv
135839880000001-17-2013 Science Advance: Association of Adiponectin With Left Ventricular Mass in Blacks The Jackson Heart Study CommunityscienceAdv
135900360000001-24-2013 Science Advance: Tumor characteristics and survival analysis of incidental versus suspected gallbladder carcinoma TrainingscienceAdv