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Browse 2014 ACTSI's news articles past and present by sorting by date, title, and category (Community, Discovery, and Training). Stories with purple tabs feature community-focused work, yellow tabs highlight stories of discovery or science advances, and stories with blue tabs offer spotlights and profiles of ACTSI's scholars and trainees. Showing only Science Advances or Spotlights provides an archive of ACTSI stories of success. Science Advances explain scientific breakthroughs made with ACTSI support providing concrete examples of translation. Spotlights focus on funding opportunities, special events, and programmatic achievement.

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141213600000010-01-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Fadi Nahab in the News Discoveryspotlight
141274080000010-08-2014 The Emory Healthcare Edge: Access to Clinical Trials Discovery
141274080000010-08-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Christian Larsen in the News Discoveryspotlight
141343200000010-16-2014 ACTSI & Emory: Setting the Stage for Biomedical Commercialization Discovery
141343200000010-16-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Lawrence Phillips in the News Discoveryspotlight
141386400000010-21-2014 ACTSI Investigator & PI Dr. David Stephens in the News Discoveryspotlight
141395040000010-22-2014 ACTSI-supported Analytics Information Warehouse Recognized Internationally Discovery
141403680000010-23-2014 Emory OTT & ACTSI: Partnership in Action Trainingspotlight
141464160000010-30-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Anne Dunlop in the News Discoveryspotlight
141213600000010-01-2014 ACTSI on Twitter Trainingspotlight
141213600000010-01-2014 ACTSI Facilitates Collaborative Relationship between Emory & UAB Discoveryspotlight
141040800000009-11-2014 Science Advance: A culture-specific nutrient intake assessment instrument in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis DiscoveryscienceAdv
141040800000009-11-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Greg Martin in the News Discoveryspotlight
141092640000009-17-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Aneesh Mehta in the News Discoveryspotlight
141161760000009-25-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Paul Spearman in the News Discoveryspotlight
140980320000009-04-2014 Science Advance: Estrogen receptor-alpha 36 mediates the anti-apoptotic effect of estradiol in triple negative breast cancer cells via a membrane-associated mechanism DiscoveryscienceAdv
141101280000009-18-2014 Science Advance: Assessment of right ventricular function in left ventricular assist device candidates DiscoveryscienceAdv
141161760000009-25-2014 Science Advance: Echocardiographic assessment of pulmonary artery systolic pressure and outcomes in ambulatory heart failure patients DiscoveryscienceAdv
140798880000008-14-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Abhinav Goyal in the News Discoveryspotlight
140660640000007-29-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Thomas Ziegler in the News Discoveryspotlight
140911200000008-27-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Stuart Zola in the News Discoveryspotlight
140721120000008-05-2014 Science Advance: Bringing Consciously Resting Meditation to the Community to Reduce Metabolic Syndrome DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
140798880000008-14-2014 Science Advance: Anti-retroviral therapy is associated with decreased alveolar glutathione levels even in healthy HIV-infected individuals TrainingscienceAdv
140859360000008-21-2014 Science Advance: Regression for skewed biomarker outcomes subject to pooling DiscoveryscienceAdv
140919840000008-28-2014 Science Advance: Effects of clopidogrel therapy on oxidative stress, inflammation, vascular function, and progenitor cells in stable coronary artery disease DiscoveryscienceAdv
140496480000007-10-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Dean Jones in the News Discoveryspotlight
140556960000007-17-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Bali Pulendran in the News Discoveryspotlight
140608800000007-23-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Judith Wold in the News Discoveryspotlight
140617440000007-24-2014 Need Assistance Developing Research Proposals & Designing Protocols? Discovery
140496480000007-10-2014 Science Advance: Community Health Matters Issue 2, ACTSI Clinical Research Network & Community Engagement Research Program Newsletter DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
140556960000007-17-2014 Scholar Links Depression in Younger Women to Higher Risk of Death from Heart Disease TrainingscienceAdvspotlight
140608800000007-23-2014 Science Advance: A Community-based Participatory Research Approach to HIV/AIDS Risk Reduction DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
140660640000007-29-2014 Science Advance: Melatonin Does Not Effect Nighttime Blood Pressure in African-Americans with Essential Hypertension TrainingscienceAdv
140194080000006-05-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Sagar Lonial in the News Trainingspotlight
140254560000006-12-2014 Clinical Research Space/Services Across Atlanta for Emory, MSM, GT, Children's, & VA Investigators Training
140254560000006-12-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. David Wright in the News Discoveryspotlight
140254560000006-12-2014 Recent ACTSI Trainee & Scholar Accomplishments Training
140306400000006-18-2014 Need IRB Reciprocity, IP/Tech Transfer or Data Use Agreements with Emory, MSM, GT, or Children's? Discovery
140375520000006-26-2014 Atlanta's Top Docs Use ACTSI Services Discovery
140375520000006-26-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Krishnendu Roy in the News Discoveryspotlight
140306400000006-18-2014 Spotlight: ACTSI-supported Metabolic Camp at Emory Supports Girls with Genetic Metabolic Disorders Treated with Nutrition Interventions Trainingspotlight
140194080000006-05-2014 Science Advance: Transplant Decision App CommunityscienceAdvspotlight
140306400000006-18-2014 Science Advance: Aurora A orchestrates entosis by regulating a dynamic MCAK-TIP150 interaction DiscoveryscienceAdv
139891680000005-01-2014 Three ACTSI Investigators Join Prestigious American Society for Clinical Investigation Discovery
139891680000005-01-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Tim Read in the News Discoveryspotlight
139960800000005-09-2014 Access ACTSI-partner Cores & Funding for Biomedical Symposia Discovery
139960800000005-09-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Paul Doetsch in the News Discoveryspotlight
140012640000005-15-2014 Graduate of ACTSI-sponsored Kauffman Foundation FastTrac TechVenture Course Featured in Newsweek Training
140012640000005-15-2014 Disseminate Research Findings to the Community Community
140012640000005-15-2014 ResearchMatch & Neuropathy Discovery
140012640000005-15-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. James Lah in the News Discoveryspotlight
140073120000005-22-2014 10 out of 15 Atlanta Business Chronicle Top Medical Researchers from Emory & Georgia Tech are ACTSI Investigators Training
140073120000005-22-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Vin Tangpricha in the News Training
140073120000005-22-2014 Egleston Pediatric Research Unit Named Center of Excellence Discoveryspotlight
139891680000005-01-2014 Science Advance: Technological Innovation Generating Economic Results TrainingscienceAdv
139649760000004-03-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Boadie Dunlop in the News Discoveryspotlight
139770720000004-17-2014 ACTSI Leader Takes His Message to Senators on Capitol Hill Community
139770720000004-17-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Gregory Berns in the News Discoveryspotlight
139831200000004-24-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Srini Tridandapani in the News Discoveryspotlight
139831200000004-24-2014 Slides & Photos: Academic & Industry Intersection Conference Discovery
139649760000004-03-2014 Science Advance: ACTSI-supported Team Wins Second Place in InVenture Prize Competition TrainingscienceAdv
139710240000004-10-2014 Science Advance: Integrated Self-care Intervention for Heart Failure & Diabetes DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
139408200000003-06-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Aloke Finn in the News Discoveryspotlight
139468320000003-13-2014 Video: Emory and Clinical Trials Discovery
139528800000003-20-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Allan Levey in the News Discoveryspotlight
139589280000003-27-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Rachel Patzer in the News Discoveryspotlight
139408200000003-06-2014 Science Advance: Finalists Selected for Georgia Tech InVenture Prize TrainingscienceAdv
139589280000003-27-2014 Inaugural CRN & CERP Community Health Matters Newsletter CommunityscienceAdvspotlight
139166280000002-06-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Henry Blumberg in the News Discoveryspotlight
139209480000002-11-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Richard Cummings in the News Discoveryspotlight
139287240000002-20-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Jeff Lennox in the News Discoveryspotlight
139339080000002-26-2014 Video: About Technology Transfer Discovery
139339080000002-26-2014 Video: What is a Clinical Trial? Discovery
139339080000002-26-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Miriam Vos in the News Discoveryspotlight
139149000000002-04-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Charles Moore in the News Training
139209480000002-11-2014 Kaiser Permanente to Launch a National BioBank Trainingspotlight
139157640000002-05-2014 Research leads to a Potential New Option in Treating Chronic Kidney Disease DiscoveryscienceAdv
139166280000002-06-2014 Science Advance-Research in nursing & health: Psychosocial factors associated with diet quality in a working adult population DiscoveryscienceAdv
139131720000002-02-2014 Science Advance: Health Literacy, Self-efficacy, Food Label Use, & Diet in Young Adults DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
139339080000002-26-2014 Science Advance & A Studio: Prognosis and epidemiology of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
138924360000001-09-2014 Science Advance: Soluble tumor necrosis factor receptors and heart failure risk in older adults-Health, Aging, & Body Composition (Health ABC) Study DiscoveryscienceAdv
138915720000001-08-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Jeff Sands in the News Discoveryspotlight
138915720000001-08-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Habib Samady in the News Discoveryspotlight
138984840000001-16-2014 ACTSI-supported eHealthyStrides Program Featured in Woodruff Health Sciences Center's 2013 Community Benefits Training
138984840000001-16-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Susmita Parashar in the News Discoveryspotlight
139045320000001-23-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Robert Gross in the News Discoveryspotlight
139097160000001-29-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Mahlon Delong in the News Discoveryspotlight
139097160000001-29-2014 After Hours Processing: ACTSI Clinical Research Network (CRN) Discovery
138976200000001-15-2014 ACTSI Announces an Intellectual Property Agreement between Emory & Morehouse School of Medicine Communityspotlight
139105800000001-30-2014 BERD Consultation Helps American Heart Association Mentored Clinical & Population Research Awardee Discoveryspotlight
138924360000001-09-2014 Science Advance: Scientists Identify Molecular Biomarkers of Vaccine Immunity DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
141525000000011-06-2014 ResearchMatch Launches Condition Connection for Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) Discovery
141525000000011-06-2014 The Emory-Georgia Tech Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training (BEST) Program Training
141525000000011-06-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Theodore Johnson in the News Discoveryspotlight
141585480000011-13-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Bruce Ribner in the News Discoveryspotlight
141645960000011-20-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Christopher Flowers in the News Discoveryspotlight
141525000000011-06-2014 ACTSI-supported Start-up Companies TrainingscienceAdvspotlight
141758280000012-03-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Roy Sutliff in the News Discoveryspotlight
141766920000012-04-2014 Science Advance: Quality of Life is Improved & Kidney Function Preserved in Patients with Nephropathic Cystinosis Treated for 2 Years with Delayed-Release Cysteamine Bitartrate DiscoveryscienceAdv
141827400000012-11-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Saad Omer in the News Trainingspotlight
141879240000012-17-2014 ACTSI Investigators Named to the Emory School of Medicine MilliPub Club & 1% Club Training
141879240000012-17-2014 Take charge of your health today. Be informed. Be involved. Community
141879240000012-17-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Ami Klin in the News Discovery
141879240000012-17-2014 Georgia CTSA & Winship Cancer Institute Offers Collaborative Research Ethics Consultation Service Discoveryspotlight
141827400000012-11-2014 Kids and Families Impacting Disease through Science (KIDS) Georgia Chapter CommunityscienceAdvspotlight
141879240000012-17-2014 Science Advance: PROPER: Comprehensive Power Evaluation for Differential Expression using RNA-seq DiscoveryscienceAdv