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Browse 2015 ACTSI's news articles past and present by sorting by date, title, and category (Community, Discovery, and Training). Stories with purple tabs feature community-focused work, yellow tabs highlight stories of discovery or science advances, and stories with blue tabs offer spotlights and profiles of ACTSI's scholars and trainees. Showing only Science Advances or Spotlights provides an archive of ACTSI stories of success. Science Advances explain scientific breakthroughs made with ACTSI support providing concrete examples of translation. Spotlights focus on funding opportunities, special events, and programmatic achievement.

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142777440000003-31-2015 ACTSI-supported TI:GER Team Wins 2015 Georgia Institute of Technology Startup Competition Trainingspotlight
145024200000012-16-2015 ACTSI Researchers Close to RSV Vaccine DiscoveryscienceAdv
144739080000011-13-2015 A Call for Student-Initiated Project Grants in Healthcare Innovation-LOI Due December 15 Training
144739080000011-13-2015 Call for Proposals: Spring 2016 Funding Cycle of Emory URC & URC-ACTSI Awards-Due January 8 Discovery
144739080000011-13-2015 Call for Applications: Coulter Translational Partnership Funding-Due January 8 Discovery
144358560000009-30-2015 Healthcare Innovation Program (HIP)/ACTSI/Winship Cancer Institute/Georgia State University (GSU): Investigator-initiated Seed Grants in Healthcare Innovation-LOI Due October 30 Discovery
143451360000006-17-2015 Another ACTSI-supported Team Wins Big at Georgia Tech's Capstone Design Expo Trainingspotlight
143339040000006-04-2015 Science Advance: CTSA-supported Research Finds Parent Training Effective for Reducing Behavior Problems Associated with Autism CommunityscienceAdvspotlight
143209440000005-20-2015 ACTSI-supported TI:GER Team Wins 2015 Atlanta Young Entrepreneurs University Competition TrainingscienceAdvspotlight
142907040000004-15-2015 ACTSI-supported OculoStaple Wins Again TrainingscienceAdvspotlight
145024200000012-16-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Sampath Prahalad in the News Discovery
144972360000012-10-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Peter Wilson in the News Discovery
144911880000012-03-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Andreas Kalogeropoulos in the News Discovery
144799560000011-20-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Ken Hepburn in the News Discovery
144730440000011-12-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Stephen Warren in the News Discovery
144669960000011-05-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Leon Haley in the News Discovery
144609120000010-29-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Venkat Narayan in the News Discovery
144540000000010-21-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Lesley Miller in the News Discovery
144488160000010-15-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Ilya Nemenman in the News Discovery
144427680000010-08-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Mark Hyman Rapaport in the News Discovery
144358560000009-30-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Kim Wallen in the News Discovery
144298080000009-23-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Carlos del Rio in the News Discovery
144246240000009-17-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Wendy Book in the News Discovery
144177120000009-09-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Debra Houry in the News Discovery
144125280000009-03-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Guillermo Umpierrez in the News Discovery
143097120000005-07-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. David Kooby in the News Discoveryspotlight
142190280000001-22-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Robert Gross in the News Discovery
142121160000001-14-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Frans de Waal in the News Discoveryspotlight
143287200000005-29-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Julie Champion in the News Discovery
142371720000002-12-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Monica Parker in the News Training
142432200000002-19-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Jeanie Park in the News Training
142484040000002-25-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Wilbur Lam in the News Training
142544520000003-04-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Eva Lee in the News Discovery
142613280000003-12-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Felicia Goldstein in the News Discoveryspotlight
142673760000003-19-2015 ACTSI Mentor Dr. Robert Butera in the News Trainingspotlight
142725600000003-25-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Henry Blumberg in the News Discoveryspotlight
142803360000004-03-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Carlos del Rio in the News Discovery
142976160000004-23-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Qiang Cai in the News Discovery
142855200000004-09-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Monica Farley in the News Discovery
142915680000004-16-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Lena Ting in the News Training
142242120000001-28-2015 ACTSI Investigator Dr. R. Donald Harvey in the News Discoveryspotlight
142656480000003-17-2015 ACTSI Mentor Dr. Robert Butera in the News Training
144885960000011-30-2015 ACTSI Investigators Named to the Emory School of Medicine MilliPub Club & 1% Club Discovery
149689440000006-08-2017 New ACTSI Clinical Research Network (CRN) Fee Schedule Discovery
145024200000012-16-2015 Health Care Delivery: The Third Medical Science Presentations & Webcast Discovery
144799560000011-20-2015 Discovery predicts future kidney disease with simple blood test DiscoveryscienceAdv
144341280000009-28-2015 Pediatric Clinical Trial: How Sugar Affects Fatty Liver Disease CommunityscienceAdvspotlight
144280800000009-21-2015 ACTSI Helps Build National Clinical Trial Recruitment Platform Discoveryspotlight
144125280000009-03-2015 The Microbiome & Human Health Symposium-November 5-6 Discoveryspotlight
144056160000008-26-2015 Vitamin D deficiency associated with anemia among African-Americans in a U.S. cohort DiscoveryscienceAdv
143987040000008-18-2015 ACTSI-supported Space Used to Identify Pattern of Critical Care for Ebola Patients Discoveryspotlight
143814240000007-29-2015 ACTSI-supports first-in-man clinical trial for Hunter syndrome at Emory University Hospital DiscoveryscienceAdv
143097120000005-07-2015 Science Advance: Aurora A orchestrates entosis by regulating a dynamic MCAK-TIP150 interaction DiscoveryscienceAdv
143097120000005-07-2015 Research Ethics Consultations Available Discovery
142371720000002-12-2015 Study Shows Impact of ACTSI's Center for Health Discovery & Well Being Discovery
142484040000002-25-2015 Apply to Participate in the Academic & Industry Intersection Conference Shark Tank Trainingspotlight
143399520000006-11-2015 Science Advance: Regression Analysis for Differentially Misclassified Correlated Binary Outcomes TrainingscienceAdv
142242120000001-28-2015 Science Advance: Outcomes of Robotic Sacrocolpopexy: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis DiscoveryscienceAdv
142242120000001-28-2015 Science Advance: A highly efficient design strategy for regression with outcome pooling DiscoveryscienceAdv
146795040000007-08-2016 A Call for Research in Predictive Health: An Opportunity for Innovative Research and Collaboration with the Center for Health Discovery and Well Being (CHDWB) Community
145024200000012-16-2015 NPR: Clinical Trials Still Don't Reflect The Diversity Of America Community
145024200000012-16-2015 Interested in volunteering for a clinical trial? Search Clinical Trials at Emory Communityspotlight
144911880000012-03-2015 The Importance of Diabetes Research in Hospitalized Patients Communityspotlight
144946440000012-07-2015 Research Participant: A Story of Thanks and Giving Communityspotlight
144721800000011-11-2015 Community Health Workers: From Bench to Bedside to Curbside Communityspotlight
144358560000009-30-2015 ACTSI Community Health Matters Newsletter: Issue 3 Diabetes CommunityscienceAdv
144108000000009-01-2015 Morehouse School of Medicine, Emory explore risk for heart disease and stroke among minorities CommunityscienceAdvspotlight
144177120000009-09-2015 ACTSI-supported Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Study Featured on TV News CommunityscienceAdvspotlight
144125280000009-03-2015 Create an Effective Evaluation for Your Project-September 17 Community
144064800000008-27-2015 Kids & Families Impacting Disease through Science (KIDS) Georgia Chapter Communityspotlight
143874720000008-05-2015 ACTSI Continues Support of Annual Metabolic Camp Communityspotlight
143736480000007-20-2015 Atlanta Community-based Organizations Disseminate Research Results Communityspotlight
142371720000002-12-2015 ResearchMatch Launches Condition Connection in Collaboration with Anxiety & Depression Association of America Discovery
142371720000002-12-2015 Controls Needed for Classic Galactosemia Research Study Discovery
143028000000004-29-2015 ACTSI at 2015 Capitol Hill Advocacy Day Community
143010720000004-27-2015 ACTSI-supported Clinical Trials Named Top in State Discovery
142855200000004-09-2015 Infographic: What are the Phases of Clinical Trials? Community
142915680000004-16-2015 Video: What are the Phases of Clinical Trials? Discovery
142915680000004-16-2015 Podcast: All About Grants Discovery
144972360000012-10-2015 NIH National Research Mentoring Network at Morehouse School of Medicine Trainingspotlight
144963720000012-09-2015 KL2 Scholar Publishes Newly Described Disease Case in NEJM TrainingscienceAdvspotlight
151193160000011-29-2017 Call for Biomedical Engineering Capstone Design Projects-Due December 15 Training
148056840000012-01-2016 Enroll Now: Biostatistics for Translational Research Course (CPTR 502) Training
144488160000010-15-2015 Free ACTSI KL2 & BIRCWH K12 Grant Writing Workshop-December 1 & 8 Training
144358560000009-30-2015 RFA: ACTSI Master of Science in Clinical Research-Due April 1 Training
144358560000009-30-2015 RFA: ACTSI KL2 Clinical Research Career Development Program for Junior Faculty Members-Due March 1 Training
144358560000009-30-2015 CS584: mHealth Informatics: Affordable & Sustainable Healthcare Technologies Spring 2016, Thursdays 2-5pm Trainingspotlight
144799560000011-20-2015 Special K-Club: Demystifying the NIH Scientific Review Process-Monday, December 14 Training
144116640000009-02-2015 Former ACTSI Scholar Continues to Investigate Disparities in Transplantation Trainingspotlight
143624160000007-07-2015 ACTSI-supported Investigator & Scholar Links Vitamin D with Shorter Hospital Stays TrainingscienceAdv
143097120000005-07-2015 K-Club: Lather, Rinse, Repeat-Focus on Research Grant Resubmissions-May 11 Training
143097120000005-07-2015 ACTSI's First Ethical Dilemmas in Scientific Research & Professional Integrity Video Discovery
142466760000002-23-2015 MSCR Graduates Conduct Ebola Treatment Clinical Trial Discovery
142371720000002-12-2015 Public Health Pathways Discovery
142976160000004-23-2015 Scholars to Serve as Associate Scientific Advisors Training
142363080000002-11-2015 Science Advance: Master of Science in Clinical Research-CDC Collaborative Work Featured in JAMA Publication and Video TrainingscienceAdv
144133920000009-04-2015 ACTSI Current KL2 Scholar Published in NEJM TrainingscienceAdvspotlight
142673760000003-19-2015 K-Club: Becoming the Boss Part II-April 13 Discovery