ACTSI Investigator Dr. Uriel Kitron in the News

Uriel Kitron, PhD, MPH, ACTSI investigator and Goodrick C. White Professor and Chair of Environmental Sciences at Emory University

USA Today | Zika is spreading. Birth defects aren't -- yet
April 4, 2016

CNN | Stopping Zika: Here come the mutant mosquitoes
March 7, 2016

Radio Health Journal | Zika virus
February 21, 2016

BBC | Aedes aegypti
February 17, 2016

eScience Commons | Zika virus 'a game-changer' for mosquito-borne diseases
January 22, 2016

Emory News Center | From migration to mosquitoes, scholars join forces for Brazil study
October 20, 2015

 eScience Commons | Dengue mosquitos hitch rides on Amazon river boats
June 16, 2015

Financial Times | How satellite data helps predict disease outbreaks
February 27, 2015

eScience Commons | Using space satellites to track disease risks
February 17, 2015

BBC | Satellites track snail disease risk
February 16, 2015

Daily Beast | Bats’ link to Ebola finally solved
November 11, 2014

eScience Commons | Environmental Sciences: A new name and master's program
November 26, 2013

Medical News Today |News Medical | The dengue virus makes a home in the city
January 28, 2013

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