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Browse 2016 ACTSI's news articles past and present by sorting by date, title, and category (Community, Discovery, and Training). Stories with purple tabs feature community-focused work, yellow tabs highlight stories of discovery or science advances, and stories with blue tabs offer spotlights and profiles of ACTSI's scholars and trainees. Showing only Science Advances or Spotlights provides an archive of ACTSI stories of success. Science Advances explain scientific breakthroughs made with ACTSI support providing concrete examples of translation. Spotlights focus on funding opportunities, special events, and programmatic achievement.

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150605280000009-22-2017 Georgia Clinical & Translational Science Alliance receives $51 million NIH state-wide grant Discoveryspotlight
151072200000011-15-2017 A Call for Student-Initiated Project Grants in Healthcare Innovation-LOIs Due December 15 Training
150950880000011-01-2017 2018-2019 Emory University Research Committee (URC) Call for Proposals -Due January 8 Discovery
150769440000010-11-2017 Georgia CTSA Biostatistics, Epidemiology, & Research Design (BERD) Request for Proposals -Due November 15 Discoveryspotlight
150769440000010-11-2017 Georgia CTSA Pilot Translational & Clinical Studies (PTCS) Request for Proposals -Due November 15 Discoveryspotlight
150397920000008-29-2017 ACTSI-supported Start-up Update: NeurOp Commercializationspotlight
150164640000008-02-2017 CTSA Continues Support of BME Capstone Design Teams on Quest for Biomedical Solutions TrainingscienceAdv
149991840000007-13-2017 UGA Clinical & Translational Research Unit (CTRU) Seed Grant Funding Announcement -Due August 21 Discovery
149983200000007-12-2017 CTSA-supported Models Contribute to the First Possible Drug Treatment for Lymphedema DiscoveryscienceAdv
149732640000006-13-2017 With Support from ACTSI: Winship Genomics Core Acquires New Molecular Profiling System Discoveryspotlight
149317920000004-26-2017 Update: Past InVenture Prize Winners Launch Concussion Innovation CommercializationscienceAdv
148955040000003-15-2017 Going Incognito: ACTSI Investigator Improves Transfusion Methods through Complement Transformation DiscoveryscienceAdv
148653000000002-08-2017 World-renowned Primatologist Lays Groundwork for Remedying Conflict & Medical Error in the Operating Room with CTSA Pilot Grant DiscoveryscienceAdv
151746120000002-01-2018 Clinical Research Manager Discovery
151193160000011-29-2017 Biostatistics for Translational Research Training
151124040000011-21-2017 Georgia CTSA Trainee Wins March of Dimes Georgia Community Health Nurse of the Year Trainingspotlight
151124040000011-21-2017 Georgia CTSA Scholar Looks at the Long-term Complications of Ebola TrainingscienceAdv
150881760000010-24-2017 Two New R01 Awards will Develop Methods of Alleviating Kidney Transplant Disparities TrainingscienceAdv
150838560000010-19-2017 Request for Applications for the Georgia CTSA TL1 Postdoc Training Grant Program-Due March 15 Training
150838560000010-19-2017 Request for Applications for the Georgia CTSA KL2 Clinical & Translational Research Career Development Program-Due March 1 Training
150838560000010-19-2017 Request for Applications for the Georgia CTSA TL1 Predoc Training Grant Program-Due February 15 Training
150268320000008-14-2017 ACTSI MSCR Graduate Named Emory's Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery Training
149853600000006-27-2017 Former ACTSI KL2 Scholar Serves on American Academy of Pediatrics Committees Trainingspotlight
149801760000006-21-2017 Former KL2 scholar receives two NIH R01 grants for HIV research Trainingspotlight
149542560000005-22-2017 Former KL2 Scholar Awarded for Dedication to Interdisciplinary Research Trainingspotlight
153136800000007-12-2018 Course in Advanced Data Management in R-Starting August 30 Training
153136800000007-12-2018 Fundamentals of Epidemiology Course-Starting September 10 Training
149482080000005-15-2017 MSCR Student's Research Leads to Revised Incidental Gallbladder Cancer Treatment Recommendations; International Trial TrainingscienceAdv
149482080000005-15-2017 Scholar's Research Leads to Revised Incidental Gallbladder Cancer Treatment Recommendations; International Trial TrainingscienceAdv
149188320000004-11-2017 KL2 Scholar Studies Novel Hematopoietic Stem Cell Approach to Sickle Cell Disease Treatment TrainingscienceAdv
149084640000003-30-2017 National Research Mentoring Network Training Event-Due Monday Training
149024160000003-23-2017 MSCR Scholar Explores Sex Differences to Optimize HIV Treatment TrainingscienceAdv
148894920000003-08-2017 MSCR Student & Sports Cardiologist Assists Atlanta Sports Teams; Focused on Sports Medicine-related Research Trainingspotlight
148998240000003-20-2017 Special K-Club: From Failure to Success: A Practical Guide-Monday Training
148653000000002-08-2017 Improving Clinical & Translational Research Training: A qualitative evaluation of ACTSI's KL2-mentored research scholars program TrainingscienceAdv
148592520000002-01-2017 Catching Up with Capstone TrainingscienceAdv
148359240000001-05-2017 Ethics Podcasts in Research: Mentorship Trainingspotlight
151296840000012-11-2017 Lessons Learned from Three Models that Use Small Grants for Building Academic-Community Partnerships for Research CommunityscienceAdv
151115400000011-20-2017 Georgia CTSA Community-engaged Research Facilitation Survey for Academic Researchers & Faculty-Due Friday Community
150700320000010-03-2017 Update: Translation to Practice of an Intervention to Promote Colorectal Cancer Screening Among African Americans CommunityscienceAdv
150631200000009-25-2017 Science Advance: Association Between Living in Food Deserts & Cardiovascular Risk, an Atlanta Study CommunityscienceAdv
150285600000008-16-2017 Be a Clinical Research Volunteer-Who Me?-I am Healthy!! Communityspotlight
149136480000004-05-2017 Nursing, Pharmacy, Canines, Helicopters - KIDS Georgia Career Expo Communityspotlight
148834440000003-01-2017 KIDS Georgia wins Most Creative Presentation at the International Children's Advisory Network (iCAN) Research Summit in Barcelona Communityspotlight
148773960000002-22-2017 ACTSI Community Engagement Research Program: Three Models of Community Engagement Community
148713480000002-15-2017 Bridging the Community-Academic Divide in Community-based Participatory Research: An Evaluation CommunityscienceAdv
150052320000007-20-2017 Photos & Slides: Understanding Resilience in Underserved Communities: From Research to Reality Community
148480200000001-19-2017 Georgia Magazine: Partners in STEM Community
148549320000001-27-2017 Community & Academic Partnerships in Research: What Makes Them Work?-January 27 Community
151927560000002-22-2018 Agenda Available: Georgia Clinical & Translational Science Conference Discoveryspotlight
150769440000010-11-2017 Emory i2b2 Update Discoveryspotlight
150700320000010-03-2017 Collaborators Needed: Point-of-care Microsystems-based Diagnostics for Cardiac, Pulmonary, Hematologic, &/or Sleep Disorders-Due Tuesday Discovery
150337440000008-22-2017 CTSA Offers Study Design for Belatacept Clinical Trial DiscoveryscienceAdv
150095520000007-25-2017 A collaborative project with Georgia CTSA's biostatistics program & Emory Renal Medicine faculty drastically cuts infection in hemodialysis patients DiscoveryscienceAdv
149732640000006-13-2017 ACTSI & the Southeastern Shared Health Research Informatics Network Discoveryspotlight
149542560000005-22-2017 ACTSI Clinical Research Network (CRN) Infographic Discovery
149430240000005-09-2017 Infographic: Biostatistics, Epidemiology, & Research Design (BERD) Discovery
150596640000009-21-2017 8th Annual Southern Translational Education & Research (STaR) Meeting-September 21-22 Commercialization
150233760000008-10-2017 Register Now-THINK BIG Symposium Series: Applying Collaborative Big Data Science for Predictive Health-August 10 Discovery
149378400000005-03-2017 ACTSI Part of the SMART IRB Movement to Accelerate Multisite Clinical Studies Discoveryspotlight
149257440000004-19-2017 New Web Resource: Innovation & Translation Ecosystem Commercializationspotlight
149076000000003-29-2017 ACTSI-supported Clinical Trial now FDA-approved to treat Muscular Dystrophy DiscoveryscienceAdv
149266080000004-20-2017 Research Resources 101: Using ACTSI's i2b2 Tool to Query Electronic Healthcare Records for Patient Study Feasibility Data-Thursday Discovery
148773960000002-22-2017 Meta-driven Clinical Data Loading into i2b2 for Clinical and Translational Science Institutes DiscoveryscienceAdv
148912200000003-10-2017 Ensuring Diversity, Inclusion, & Meaningful Participation in Clinical Trials: The Model of the ABC Cardiovascular Study-March 10-11 Discovery
150950880000011-01-2017 Healthcare Innovation Symposium XXI Leadership in Population Health-November 28 Community
149698080000006-09-2017 Phlebotomy Training 101: Introduction to Venipuncture Training
153862560000010-04-2018 Georgia CTSA Statistical Consulting at Georgia Tech-Mondays Discovery
149438880000005-10-2017 PHOTOS-From Sensors to Big Data: Personalized & Population Health in the Digital Age Commercialization
148532040000001-25-2017 Vitamin D deficiency associated with oxidative stress response to illness in critically ill children DiscoveryscienceAdv