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Browse 2016 ACTSI's news articles past and present by sorting by date, title, and category (Community, Discovery, and Training). Stories with purple tabs feature community-focused work, yellow tabs highlight stories of discovery or science advances, and stories with blue tabs offer spotlights and profiles of ACTSI's scholars and trainees. Showing only Science Advances or Spotlights provides an archive of ACTSI stories of success. Science Advances explain scientific breakthroughs made with ACTSI support providing concrete examples of translation. Spotlights focus on funding opportunities, special events, and programmatic achievement.

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150605280000009-22-2017 Georgia Clinical & Translational Science Alliance receives $51 million NIH state-wide grant Discoveryspotlight
151072200000011-15-2017 A Call for Student-Initiated Project Grants in Healthcare Innovation-LOIs Due December 15 Training
150950880000011-01-2017 2018-2019 Emory University Research Committee (URC) Call for Proposals -Due January 8 Discovery
150769440000010-11-2017 Georgia CTSA Biostatistics, Epidemiology, & Research Design (BERD) Request for Proposals -Due November 15 Discoveryspotlight
150769440000010-11-2017 Georgia CTSA Pilot Translational & Clinical Studies (PTCS) Request for Proposals -Due November 15 Discoveryspotlight
150397920000008-29-2017 ACTSI-supported Start-up Update: NeurOp Commercializationspotlight
150164640000008-02-2017 CTSA Continues Support of BME Capstone Design Teams on Quest for Biomedical Solutions TrainingscienceAdv
149991840000007-13-2017 UGA Clinical & Translational Research Unit (CTRU) Seed Grant Funding Announcement -Due August 21 Discovery
149983200000007-12-2017 CTSA-supported Models Contribute to the First Possible Drug Treatment for Lymphedema DiscoveryscienceAdv
149732640000006-13-2017 With Support from ACTSI: Winship Genomics Core Acquires New Molecular Profiling System Discoveryspotlight
149317920000004-26-2017 Update: Past InVenture Prize Winners Launch Concussion Innovation CommercializationscienceAdv
148955040000003-15-2017 Going Incognito: ACTSI Investigator Improves Transfusion Methods through Complement Transformation DiscoveryscienceAdv
148653000000002-08-2017 World-renowned Primatologist Lays Groundwork for Remedying Conflict & Medical Error in the Operating Room with ACTSI Pilot Grant DiscoveryscienceAdv
150838560000010-19-2017 Position Available: Program Coordinator of the Evaluation & Continuous Improvement & Communications Programs, Georgia CTSA Discovery
151193160000011-29-2017 Biostatistics for Translational Research Training
151124040000011-21-2017 Georgia CTSA Trainee Wins March of Dimes Georgia Community Health Nurse of the Year Trainingspotlight
151124040000011-21-2017 Georgia CTSA Scholar Looks at the Long-term Complications of Ebola TrainingscienceAdv
150881760000010-24-2017 Two New R01 Awards will Develop Methods of Alleviating Kidney Transplant Disparities TrainingscienceAdv
150838560000010-19-2017 Request for Applications for the Georgia CTSA TL1 Postdoc Training Grant Program-Due March 15 Training
150838560000010-19-2017 Request for Applications for the Georgia CTSA KL2 Clinical & Translational Research Career Development Program-Due March 1 Training
150838560000010-19-2017 Request for Applications for the Georgia CTSA TL1 Predoc Training Grant Program-Due February 15 Training
150268320000008-14-2017 ACTSI MSCR Graduate Named Emory's Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery Training
149853600000006-27-2017 Former ACTSI KL2 Scholar Serves on American Academy of Pediatrics Committees Trainingspotlight
149801760000006-21-2017 Former KL2 scholar receives two NIH R01 grants for HIV research Trainingspotlight
149542560000005-22-2017 Former KL2 Scholar Awarded for Dedication to Interdisciplinary Research Trainingspotlight
149499360000005-17-2017 Course in Advanced Data Management in R Training
149499360000005-17-2017 Fundamentals of Epidemiology Course Training
149482080000005-15-2017 MSCR Student's Research Leads to Revised Incidental Gallbladder Cancer Treatment Recommendations; International Trial TrainingscienceAdv
149482080000005-15-2017 Scholar's Research Leads to Revised Incidental Gallbladder Cancer Treatment Recommendations; International Trial TrainingscienceAdv
149188320000004-11-2017 KL2 Scholar Studies Novel Hematopoietic Stem Cell Approach to Sickle Cell Disease Treatment TrainingscienceAdv
149084640000003-30-2017 National Research Mentoring Network Training Event-Due Monday Training
149024160000003-23-2017 MSCR Scholar Explores Sex Differences to Optimize HIV Treatment TrainingscienceAdv
148894920000003-08-2017 MSCR Student & Sports Cardiologist Assists Atlanta Sports Teams; Focused on Sports Medicine-related Research Trainingspotlight
148998240000003-20-2017 Special K-Club: From Failure to Success: A Practical Guide-Monday Training
148653000000002-08-2017 Improving Clinical & Translational Research Training: A qualitative evaluation of ACTSI's KL2-mentored research scholars program TrainingscienceAdv
148592520000002-01-2017 Catching Up with Capstone TrainingscienceAdv
148359240000001-05-2017 Ethics Podcasts in Research: Mentorship Trainingspotlight
151193160000011-29-2017 K-Club: Research Grant Applications: Checklist for Success-Monday Training
151115400000011-20-2017 Georgia CTSA Community-engaged Research Facilitation Survey for Academic Researchers & Faculty-Due Friday Community
150700320000010-03-2017 Update: Translation to Practice of an Intervention to Promote Colorectal Cancer Screening Among African Americans CommunityscienceAdv
150631200000009-25-2017 Science Advance: Association Between Living in Food Deserts & Cardiovascular Risk, an Atlanta Study CommunityscienceAdv
150285600000008-16-2017 Be a Clinical Research Volunteer-Who Me?-I am Healthy!! Communityspotlight
149136480000004-05-2017 Nursing, Pharmacy, Canines, Helicopters - KIDS Georgia Career Expo Communityspotlight
148834440000003-01-2017 KIDS Georgia wins Most Creative Presentation at the International Children's Advisory Network (iCAN) Research Summit in Barcelona Communityspotlight
148773960000002-22-2017 ACTSI Community Engagement Research Program: Three Models of Community Engagement Community
148713480000002-15-2017 Bridging the Community-Academic Divide in Community-based Participatory Research: An Evaluation CommunityscienceAdv
150052320000007-20-2017 Photos & Slides: Understanding Resilience in Underserved Communities: From Research to Reality Community
148480200000001-19-2017 Georgia Magazine: Partners in STEM Community
148549320000001-27-2017 Community & Academic Partnerships in Research: What Makes Them Work?-January 27 Community
151927560000002-22-2018 Call for Abstracts & Register: Georgia Clinical & Translational Science Conference Discoveryspotlight
150769440000010-11-2017 Emory i2b2 Update Discoveryspotlight
150700320000010-03-2017 Collaborators Needed: Point-of-care Microsystems-based Diagnostics for Cardiac, Pulmonary, Hematologic, &/or Sleep Disorders-Due Tuesday Discovery
150337440000008-22-2017 CTSA Offers Study Design for Belatacept Clinical Trial DiscoveryscienceAdv
150095520000007-25-2017 A collaborative project with Georgia CTSA's biostatistics program & Emory Renal Medicine faculty drastically cuts infection in hemodialysis patients DiscoveryscienceAdv
149732640000006-13-2017 ACTSI & the Southeastern Shared Health Research Informatics Network Discoveryspotlight
149542560000005-22-2017 ACTSI Clinical Research Network (CRN) Infographic Discovery
149430240000005-09-2017 Infographic: Biostatistics, Epidemiology, & Research Design (BERD) Discovery
150596640000009-21-2017 8th Annual Southern Translational Education & Research (STaR) Meeting-September 21-22 Commercialization
150233760000008-10-2017 Register Now-THINK BIG Symposium Series: Applying Collaborative Big Data Science for Predictive Health-August 10 Discovery
149378400000005-03-2017 ACTSI Part of the SMART IRB Movement to Accelerate Multisite Clinical Studies Discoveryspotlight
149257440000004-19-2017 New Web Resource: Innovation & Translation Ecosystem Commercializationspotlight
149076000000003-29-2017 ACTSI-supported Clinical Trial now FDA-approved to treat Muscular Dystrophy DiscoveryscienceAdv
149266080000004-20-2017 Research Resources 101: Using ACTSI's i2b2 Tool to Query Electronic Healthcare Records for Patient Study Feasibility Data-Thursday Discovery
148773960000002-22-2017 Meta-driven Clinical Data Loading into i2b2 for Clinical and Translational Science Institutes DiscoveryscienceAdv
148912200000003-10-2017 Ensuring Diversity, Inclusion, & Meaningful Participation in Clinical Trials: The Model of the ABC Cardiovascular Study-March 10-11 Discovery
150950880000011-01-2017 Healthcare Innovation Symposium XXI Leadership in Population Health-November 28 Community
149698080000006-09-2017 Phlebotomy Training 101: Introduction to Venipuncture Training
150648480000009-27-2017 Georgia CTSA-BERD Statistical Clinic for Bio-related Research at Georgia Tech Discovery
149438880000005-10-2017 PHOTOS-From Sensors to Big Data: Personalized & Population Health in the Digital Age Commercialization
148532040000001-25-2017 Vitamin D deficiency associated with oxidative stress response to illness in critically ill children DiscoveryscienceAdv
147762720000010-28-2016 Healthcare Innovation Symposium XVIII - "Bringing Precision Medicine to Populations" Training
147641760000010-14-2016 Recent KL2 Scholar and MSCR Graduate Dr. Lucas McKay Receives NIH K25 Award Communityspotlight
147399840000009-16-2016 Georgia Bio Innovation Summit-September 28 Community
147080160000008-10-2016 What is ACTSI & Translational Science? Communityspotlight
145732680000003-07-2016 ACTSI Names New Georgia Tech Co-PI Discoveryspotlight
147935880000011-17-2016 Emory University Research Committee (URC) & URC-ACTSI grants-Due January 6 Discovery
147935880000011-17-2016 Emory/Georgia Tech Coulter Program Recruiting Submissions for Annual Funding Cycle-Due January 20 Training
147019680000008-03-2016 Turning Ideas Into Reality Discoveryspotlight
146907360000007-21-2016 ACTSI Offers Pilot Grants Discovery
146777760000007-06-2016 ACTSI-supported Team Wins Second Place in InVenture Prize Competition Trainingspotlight
146233440000005-04-2016 ACTSI Investigators Contribute to Updated Sepsis Definition DiscoveryscienceAdv
146052000000004-13-2016 ACTSI Support of EPIC through Gordon Endowment Discoveryspotlight
145861920000003-22-2016 Photos: Forge Demo Day & Digital Health Showcase Discoveryspotlight
145879200000003-24-2016 A Call for Investigator-Initiated Seed Grants in Healthcare Innovation-LOI Due April 15 Discoveryspotlight
145879200000003-24-2016 ACTSI Research Technologies Medical Student Discovery Phase Mini-Grant Program-Due April 6 Trainingspotlight
145767240000003-11-2016 ACTSI Supports Inventure Prize Finalist-Watch Live DiscoveryscienceAdv
145266120000001-13-2016 TI:GER Team Bioletics Aids Diabetics Trainingspotlight
145205640000001-06-2016 ACTSI-supported Viapore Wins Top Prize DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
147823200000011-04-2016 Investigator Elizabeth Ofili Named Finalist for Women in Technology's Women of the Year Awards Training
147140640000008-17-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Edward Mocarski in the News Discovery
147080160000008-10-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Christian Larsen in the News Discovery
147019680000008-03-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Rana Chakraborty in the News Discovery
146959200000007-27-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Rafi Ahmed in the News Discovery
146907360000007-21-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Anita Corbett in the News Discovery
146838240000007-13-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Chunhui Xu in the News Discovery
146777760000007-06-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Elaine Walker in the News Discovery
146717280000006-29-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Andreas Kalogeropoulos in the News Discovery
146656800000006-22-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. W. Robert Taylor in the News Discovery
146596320000006-15-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Frans de Waal in the News Discovery
146535840000006-08-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Mark Goodman in the News Discovery
146484000000006-02-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Sandra Dunbar in the News Discovery
146423520000005-26-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Young-sup Yoon in the News Discovery
146354400000005-18-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Wendy Armstrong in the News Discovery
146293920000005-11-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. David Weiss in the News Discovery
146233440000005-04-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Nadine Kaslow in the News Discovery
146172960000004-27-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Laurence Sperling in the News Discovery
146112480000004-20-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Ira Horowitz in the News Discovery
146052000000004-13-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Walter Curran in the News Discovery
146000160000004-07-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Uriel Kitron in the News Training
145939680000003-31-2016 ACTSI Scholar Dr. Ashish Mehta in the News Trainingspotlight
145879200000003-24-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Roberto Pacifici in the News Discovery
145818720000003-17-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Eric Hunter in the News Discovery
145758600000003-10-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Ihab Hajjar in the News Discovery
145698120000003-03-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Chandan Devireddy in the News Discovery
145637640000002-25-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Jonathan Glass in the News Discovery
145568520000002-17-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. David Rye in the News Discovery
145516680000002-11-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Anne Spaulding in the News Discovery
145456200000002-04-2016 ACTSI Leader Dr. Melissa Kottke in the News Community
145387080000001-27-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Leslee Shaw in the News Discovery
145326600000001-20-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Nawazish Naqvi in the News Discovery
145266120000001-13-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Keqiang Ye in the News Discovery
145214280000001-07-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Michael Ross in the News Discovery
147935880000011-17-2016 ACTSI KL2-Clinical Research Career Development Program for Junior Faculty Members-Due March 1 Training
147935880000011-17-2016 Accepting Applications: ACTSI TL1 (T32) Training Grant Training
147935880000011-17-2016 ACTSI KL2 Program & K12- BIRCWH KL2 & K12 Application Grant Writing Workshop- November 29 & December 6 Training
147702240000010-21-2016 Amazon Web Services Immersion Day-November 4 Training
147218400000008-26-2016 ACTSI-Supported Finding Published in NEJM Could Impact the Care of Many Children with Asthma TrainingscienceAdv
147080160000008-10-2016 CDC I-CATALYST: A Guided Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Program-Registration Deadline September 2 Training
146959200000007-27-2016 17th Healthcare Innovation Symposium: Redesigning Inter-Professional Education for Health Professions-October 20 Training
146959200000007-27-2016 Ethics Podcasts in Research: Reproducibility Trainingspotlight
146665440000006-23-2016 Course in Advanced Data Management in R Training
146604960000006-16-2016 Fundamentals of Epidemiology Course: Fall 2016 Semester Training
146596320000006-15-2016 KL2 Scholar Studies Effect of Vitamin D Status on Hospital-Acquired Infections in Critically Ill Adults Trainingspotlight
148411080000001-11-2017 Proven Faculty Entrepreneur Training Course: Kauffman FastTracĀ® TechVenture-Apply by April 25 Training
146095200000004-18-2016 National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN) Grant Writing & Institutional Planning Workshops-May 18-20 Training
146000160000004-07-2016 ACTSI Scholar Links Severe Anemia to Intestinal Disease Risk in Premature Infants TrainingscienceAdv
145879200000003-24-2016 ACTSI & Emory School of Nursing: The Clinical Practice of Human Subjects Research Seminar-June 2-3 Training
145689480000003-02-2016 KL2 Scholar Studies Inflammation's Effects on Weakened Reward Circuits in Depression TrainingscienceAdv
145568520000002-17-2016 ACTSI Trainee Joins Emory Faculty Trainingspotlight
146544480000006-09-2016 Request for Applications: Certificate Program in Translational Research (CPTR)-Due June 30 Training
145317960000001-19-2016 ACTSI's I-Corps Leader Trainingspotlight
148151880000012-12-2016 K-Club: How to Interpret & Act Upon Reviews Following a Research Grant Application Submission-December 12 Training
146700000000006-27-2016 Former KL2 Scholar Serves as Deputy Director of the Satcher Health Leadership Institute & PI of a CDC REACH Award Trainingspotlight
148212360000012-19-2016 ACTSI Holiday Message Training
148177800000012-15-2016 CTSI Discovery Radio Community
148117320000012-08-2016 Call for Abstracts-Understanding Resilience in Underserved Communities: From Research to Reality-Due Tuesday, February 10 Community
147218400000008-26-2016 Save the Date: 2017 CERP Forum Training
146846880000007-14-2016 ACTSI Supports PCORI Award for Community Engagement Research Communityspotlight
146535840000006-08-2016 ACTSI Researchers Awarded NIH Grant for Science Education Communityspotlight
145577160000002-18-2016 ACTSI Community Academic Research Partnerships Dissemination Pilot Recipients CommunityscienceAdv
145447560000002-03-2016 New KIDS Georgia Website Communityspotlight
148290120000012-28-2016 ACTSI Investigators Named to the 2016 Emory School of Medicine Millipub Club & 1% Club Discovery
148056840000012-01-2016 Atlanta's Top Docs Use ACTSI Services Discovery
148177800000012-15-2016 Research Resources 101: Mining Data from Emory, Grady, & Children's Data Warehouses-December 15 Discovery
148056840000012-01-2016 At Your Service: ACTSI Clinical Research Network Discoveryspotlight
148056840000012-01-2016 The Importance of Clinical Trial Transparency & Compliance with the Final Rule & NIH Policy on Clinical Trials Registration & Results Information Discovery
147944520000011-18-2016 Atlanta's Top Docs Use ACTSI Services Discovery
147702240000010-21-2016 ACTSI and Emory Launch i2b2: an Online Tool for Querying Emory Healthcare EHR Data for Research Community
147278880000009-02-2016 New clinical trials website creates easy access to nearly 1,000 Emory studies Discovery
147140640000008-17-2016 Statistical Clinic for Bio-related Research at Georgia Tech-Tuesdays Discoveryspotlight
147028320000008-04-2016 University of Georgia (UGA) Clinical & Translational Research Unit Discovery
146959200000007-27-2016 Call for Capstone Design Project Ideas-Due August 15 Discovery
146907360000007-21-2016 ACTSI Investigators Study Effects of Vitamin D Administration in Critically Ill Adults DiscoveryscienceAdv
146665440000006-23-2016 ACTSI Studio Consultations Discovery
146484000000006-02-2016 ACTSI Investigators Find that Arterial Stiffness may Predict Cognitive Decline in Healthy Adults DiscoveryscienceAdv
146414880000005-25-2016 ACTSI Studio Helps to Develop a Screening Tool for Prehospital Recognition of Sepsis Discoveryspotlight
146354400000005-18-2016 ACTSI Investigators Find Association between Excess Adiposity and Lower Lung Function in Adults with Cystic Fibrosis DiscoveryscienceAdv
146293920000005-11-2016 Start-up & Medical Device Created by KIDS Georgia Members Win Big DiscoveryscienceAdv
146233440000005-04-2016 Emory Research Resources Video Discoveryspotlight
146172960000004-27-2016 Drug Improves Long-Term Outcomes in Kidney Transplant Patients DiscoveryscienceAdv
146112480000004-20-2016 Science Advance: Early Antibiotic Use for Preschool Children with Recurrent Wheezing DiscoveryscienceAdv
145931040000003-30-2016 ACTSI Multi-site Study Finds Association between Expiratory Central Airway Collapse & Poor Respiratory Outcomes in Smokers DiscoveryscienceAdv
145870560000003-23-2016 Emory's New IACUC MOU for Research Collaboration Discoveryspotlight
145551240000002-15-2016 Academic Health Centers & the Health of their Communities-Today Discovery
145508040000002-10-2016 ACTSI's Clinical Research Network Greatly Contributes to American Diabetes Association 2016 Standards of Medical Care: Diabetes Care in the Hospital DiscoveryscienceAdv
145447560000002-03-2016 7th Annual Academic & Industry Intersection Conference: Georgia as a Biotechnology Capital? Discovery
122655240000011-13-2008 TL1 Trainees Attend Clinical Investigator Student Trainee Forum Training
122343840000010-08-2008 Community Engagement & Research Program Mini-Grants Awarded Community
122240160000009-26-2008 ACTSI Investigator Honored Discovery
125203680000009-04-2009 Sound Science: Dr. David Stephens Discusses the ACTSI Discovery
125203680000009-04-2009 Tracking & Evaluation/BIP Poster Accepted by the AMIA Discovery
125203680000009-04-2009 ACTSI Clinical Interaction Site: Community Physician's Network-Available to all ACTSI Investigators Discovery
125255520000009-10-2009 Profile: Carlton Dampier, MD Discovery
125350560000009-21-2009 ACTSI Clinical Interaction Site: VA Community Based Outpatient Centers Community
125385120000009-25-2009 NCRR Awards ACTSI Supplemental Funding Discovery
125385120000009-25-2009 ACTSI Clinical Interaction Site: Emory University Hospital-Available to all ACTSI Investigators Community
125506080000010-09-2009 ACTSI Clinical Interaction Site: Southside Community Health Center-Available to all ACTSI Investigators Community
125592480000010-19-2009 ACTSI Pilot Grant Awardee Developed First Transgenic Monkey with Huntington's Disease Discovery
125592480000010-19-2009 ACTSI Clinical Interaction Site: Emory Midtown Hospital-Available to all ACTSI Investigators Discovery
125627040000010-23-2009 ACTSI Clinical Interaction Site: South Fulton Medical Center-Available to all ACTSI Investigators Training
125687520000010-30-2009 Georgia Life Science Community Welcomes CDC Director Community
125687520000010-30-2009 ACTSI Clinical Interaction Site: West End Medical Center-Available to all ACTSI Investigators Community
124175520000005-08-2009 Inaugural MSM-Emory Cardiology Fellow Named Training
124236000000005-15-2009 ACTSI Leader is Honored Discovery
124356960000005-29-2009 KL2 Scholar Awarded K23 Award Training
123631560000003-06-2009 Sponsorship of Biomedical Symposia and Educational Events Training
123631560000003-06-2009 ACTSI Clinical Research Network with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Announce Pediatic Research Center at Egleston Hospital Discovery
123812640000003-27-2009 Online Ethical Dilemmas in Scientific Research Launched Training
124408800000006-04-2009 ACTSI Trainee Receives NIH KO8 Award Training
124452000000006-09-2009 TL1 Trainee Awarded NIH Award Training
124719840000007-10-2009 Grady Clinical Interaction Site: Available to all ACTSI Investigators Discovery
124771680000007-16-2009 MSM Clinical Interaction Site: Available to all ACTSI Investigators Training
124840800000007-24-2009 Grady Ponce Clinical Interaction Site: Available to all ACTSI Investigators Discovery
124892640000007-30-2009 ACTSI-Supported Fellows Present Posters Discovery
123147720000001-09-2009 CRN Announces New Clinical Research Site Discovery
123389640000002-06-2009 ACTSI Funded Undergraduate Wins HHMI Award Discovery
125981640000012-03-2009 ACTSI Convenes IRB Officials from Seven Atlanta Research Institutions Discovery
124961760000008-07-2009 Center for Health Discovery and Well Being Clinical Interaction Site: Available to all ACTSI Investigators Discovery
125022240000008-14-2009 ACTSI Clinical Interaction Site: Mason Outpatient Transplant Clinic-Available to all ACTSI Investigators Discovery
125065440000008-19-2009 ACTSI Clinical Interaction Site: Morehouse Medical Associates-Available to all ACTSI Investigators Discovery
125143200000008-28-2009 ACTSI Clinical Interaction Site: Hope Clinic-Available to all ACTSI Investigators Discovery
128953800000011-12-2010 Emory, MSM, VA, and GA Tech: Electronic Biomedical Interactive Resource Tool (eBIRT) Discovery
143097120000005-07-2015 Georgia Tech Biomedical Engineering Students Looking for Problems to Solve Training
143088480000005-06-2015 ACTSI Community Engagement & Research Program (CERP) featured in the Atlanta Business Chronicle on April 30 Community
127501920000005-28-2010 ACTSI Featured: Mapping the Links Between Statistics and Health Discovery
126828360000003-11-2010 Biostatistics, Informatics, & Protocol Support: BERD/BIP/CRN Studio Discovery
127674720000006-17-2010 Is Your Service Center or Core Part of eBIRT? Discovery
127674720000006-17-2010 ACTSI-Supported Med Into Grad Program Bridges Gap Between Basic and Clinical Research Training
127674720000006-17-2010 ACTSI Wins a Microsoft Award for LIMS Implementation Discovery
127674720000006-17-2010 Announcing the New Electronic Biomedical Interactive Resource Tool (eBIRT) Discovery
127856160000007-08-2010 ACTSI Patent Citation Discovery
126284040000001-07-2010 Series: ACTSI Investigators and ARRA Awards at Work Discovery
126292680000001-08-2010 CTSpedia Discovery
126292680000001-08-2010 ACTSI Funded Research Discovery
126344520000001-14-2010 Series: ACTSI Investigators and ARRA Awards at Work Discovery
126405000000001-21-2010 Series: ACTSI Investigators and ARRA Awards at Work Discovery
126465480000001-28-2010 Series: ACTSI Investigators and ARRA Awards at Work Discovery
126525960000002-04-2010 Series: ACTSI Investigators and ARRA Awards at Work Discovery
126534600000002-05-2010 Got resources? Get eBIRT! Training
126586440000002-11-2010 Series: ACTSI Investigators and ARRA Awards at Work Discovery
126646920000002-18-2010 ACTSI's KL2 Scholar and Yerkes Primate Research Center Training
128219040000008-19-2010 ACTSI-Supported Work Published Discovery
127069920000004-08-2010 Congratulations to MSM CTR Scholars Training
127139040000004-16-2010 ACTSI's New Certificate Program in Translational Research Training
127190880000004-22-2010 NIH Director and Chief of Staff Visit the ACTSI Discovery
127260000000004-30-2010 ResearchMatch Accessible to Researchers Discovery
132366600000012-12-2011 Investigator Spotlight: Dr. Lilly Immergluck Discoveryspotlight
132392520000012-15-2011 Wilkins Parkinson's Foundation Creates a Program to take PD Research from Hospital to Home Community
132496200000012-27-2011 Pilot/Technologies Recipient: Dr. Xuebiao Yao Discoveryspotlight
132513480000012-29-2011 Georgia Tech/Emory BME Senior Research Design Program Training
132081480000011-09-2011 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Kerry Ressler in the News Discoveryspotlight
132245640000011-28-2011 Scholar Spotlight: Baraka Floyd Trainingspotlight
132262920000011-30-2011 Investigator Spotlight: Dr. Greg Berns Discoveryspotlight
131761440000010-03-2011 Investigator Spotlight: Dr. Winston Thompson Trainingspotlight
131847840000010-13-2011 ACTSI's Request & Progress Information Database (RAPID) Leads the Way in Authorization for Non-Emory Users Community
131891040000010-18-2011 Investigator Spotlight: Dr. Marilyn Foreman Discoveryspotlight
131545440000009-08-2011 ACTSI Investigator and Pilot Grant Recipient's Obesity Study Recently Published Training
131545440000009-08-2011 ACTSI Announces New Pediatric Clinical Research Unit at Hughes Spalding Training
131605920000009-15-2011 Personalized Medicine Awareness Day in Georgia Community
131605920000009-15-2011 ACTSI MSCR Student Awarded K23 Training
131700960000009-26-2011 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Miriam Vos in the News Discoveryspotlight
131726880000009-29-2011 ACTSI Co-PI Receives FDA Pediatric Device Grant Discovery
131726880000009-29-2011 What Resources Does the ACTSI Have for Faculty? Discovery
131243040000008-04-2011 Principles of Community Engagement Publication Community
131398560000008-22-2011 Spotlight: ACTSI Pilot Grant Recipient Discoveryspotlight
131303520000008-11-2011 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Arshed Quyyumi in the News Discoveryspotlight
131398560000008-22-2011 Spotlight: ACTSI Pilot Grant Recipient Discoveryspotlight
131009760000007-08-2011 Spotlight: ACTSI-supported Research Center Discovery
131061600000007-14-2011 ACTSI-Supported Science Published in Nature Immunology Discovery
131122080000007-21-2011 ACTSI's New Request & Progress Information Database (RAPID) Discovery
131182560000007-28-2011 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Viola Vaccarino in the News Trainingspotlight
130690080000006-01-2011 ACTSI Partner Spotlight Communityspotlight
130871520000006-22-2011 ACTSI Resource Spotlight: e-Healthy Strides Community
130888800000006-24-2011 TI:GER-Technology Innovations Generating Economic Results Training
130214880000004-07-2011 ACTSI Pilot Recipient: Dr. Stephen Traynelis in the News Trainingspotlight
130223520000004-08-2011 Biostatistical Collaboration in the Woodruff Health Sciences Discovery
130266720000004-13-2011 Investigator/Scholar Spotlight: Dr. Marian Evatt Trainingspotlight
130396320000004-28-2011 ACTSI Investigator and Pilot Grant Recipient: Dr. Carlos del Rio in the News Discoveryspotlight
129921480000003-04-2011 Investigator Spotlight: Dr. Kerry Ressler Discoveryspotlight
129973320000003-10-2011 ACTSI Investigator: Dr. Jonathan Glass in the News Discoveryspotlight
129973320000003-10-2011 Georgia Tech and Emory Biomedical Engineering Team Wins Top Prize Training
130085280000003-23-2011 ACTSI Investigator: Dr. Boadie Dunlop in the News Discoveryspotlight
130137120000003-29-2011 Rare Hand Transplant Performed by ACTSI Investigator Discoveryspotlight
129783240000002-16-2011 ACTSI Pilot Grant Recipient: Dr. Shuming Nie in the News Discoveryspotlight
129420360000001-05-2011 GA Bio's Emerging Leader Network Interviews ACTSI Leader Carolyn Meltzer, MD Discovery
129480840000001-12-2011 ACTSI Investigator Dr. William McClellan in the News Discoveryspotlight
129472200000001-11-2011 ACTSI Scholar Dr. Boadie Dunlop in the News Discoveryspotlight
130500000000005-10-2011 Stop By the ACTSI at Emory Discovery
130456800000005-05-2011 ACTSI Investigator: Dr. Rafi Ahmed in the News Discoveryspotlight
130638240000005-26-2011 ACTSI Investigator: Dr. Allan Levey in the News Discoveryspotlight
130500000000005-10-2011 ACTSI Investigator Wins Anthony Shuker Scientific Poster Contest at the Georgia Life Sciences Summit Discovery
130500000000005-10-2011 Science Advance: Soluble tumor necrosis factor receptors and heart failure risk in older adults-Health, Aging, & Body Composition (Health ABC) Study TrainingscienceAdv
130500000000005-10-2011 Science Advance: Treatment Strategies for Dystonia TrainingscienceAdv
135209160000011-05-2012 Poster Spotlight: When do we Order CT to Assess Abdominal & Pelvic Pain? Discoveryspotlight
135174240000011-01-2012 Science Advance: Identification of novel FMR1 variants by massively parallel sequencing in developmentally delayed males DiscoveryscienceAdv
135295560000011-15-2012 Science Advance: What's a Remotoscope? DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
135399240000011-27-2012 Science Advance: Diabetes Self-Management Skills Increased with Support of Local Church Community & the ACTSI CommunityscienceAdvspotlight
134992800000010-11-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Uriel Kitron in the News Discoveryspotlight
135113760000010-25-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. James Hughes in the News Discoveryspotlight
135113760000010-25-2012 Clinical Research at Emory Discovery
135165600000010-31-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Amy Chen in the News Discoveryspotlight
135053280000010-18-2012 Spotlight: ACTSI Community-based Participatory Research Pilot Recipient Communityspotlight
134932320000010-04-2012 Science Advance: Rapid Clinical Evaluation of the H1N1 Influenza Vaccine and for Steps Towards a Universal Flu Vaccine DiscoveryscienceAdv
134992800000010-11-2012 Science Advance: Blood Glucose Levels of Diabetic Patients in the Immediate Post-Acute Hemodialysis Period: An Exploratory Study DiscoveryscienceAdv
135044640000010-17-2012 Science Advance: Neurodevelopmental Impact of Congenital Heart Defects in Down Syndrome DiscoveryscienceAdv
135113760000010-25-2012 Science Advance: Tele-psychiatry Project Serves Linguistically-isolated Patients using Community-based Participatory Research CommunityscienceAdv
134681760000009-05-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Susan Bauer-Wu in the News Discoveryspotlight
134733600000009-11-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. John Sweeney in the News Discoveryspotlight
134750880000009-13-2012 ResearchMatch: National Recruitment Registry/Recruitment Tool Discovery
134733600000009-11-2012 Spotlight: Highly Cited Papers by KL Scholars Trainingspotlight
134690400000009-06-2012 Science Advance: Development of the immunosuppressant drug belatacept for prevention of transplanted organ rejection DiscoveryscienceAdv
134750880000009-13-2012 Science Advance: Development of non-human primate models for Huntington's and Alzheimer's disease at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center TrainingscienceAdv
134811360000009-20-2012 Science Advance: Impact of vitamin D supplementation on markers of inflammation in adults with cystic fibrosis hospitalized for a pulmonary exacerbation DiscoveryscienceAdv
134871840000009-27-2012 Science Advance: Community Health Workers & Community-based Participatory Research in Action CommunityscienceAdvspotlight
134379360000008-01-2012 Spotlight: Clinical Trial Improvement Implementation & Education Recommendation Trainingspotlight
134379360000008-01-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Beau Bruce in the News Discoveryspotlight
134439840000008-08-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Nicholas Boulis in the News Discoveryspotlight
134500320000008-15-2012 Spotlight: Inter-institutional IRB Collaboration Discovery
134508960000008-16-2012 ACTSI Awarded Five Year Renewal from NCATS Discovery
134508960000008-16-2012 Cite It! Discovery
134508960000008-16-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Suresh Ramalingam in the News Discoveryspotlight
134560800000008-22-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. K.M. Venkat Narayan in the News Trainingspotlight
134621280000008-29-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Leslee Shaw in the News Discoveryspotlight
134629920000008-30-2012 ACTSI Education Program Enrolls Largest Master of Science in Clinical Research (MSCR) Class Training
134388000000008-02-2012 Need Research Resources, Lab Services, Equipment, Available Cores? Discovery
134612640000008-28-2012 Spotlight: New Agent Development Fund Discoveryspotlight
134448480000008-09-2012 Science Advance: Multivalent Integrin-Specific Ligands Enhance Tissue Healing and Biomaterial Integration TrainingscienceAdv
134508960000008-16-2012 Science Advance: Metabolic Syndrome in African Americans: Views on Making Lifestyle Changes TrainingscienceAdv
134560800000008-22-2012 Science Advance: ACTSI Supported T1 Research at Emory University-Innovative Cellular Therapy to Treat Crohn's Disease TrainingscienceAdv
134629920000008-30-2012 Science Advance: New microtuble and signal transduction pathways as drug targets DiscoveryscienceAdv
134146080000007-05-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Wilbur Lam in the News Discoveryspotlight
134267040000007-19-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Jack Arbiser in the News Discoveryspotlight
134327520000007-26-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Walter Curran in the News Discoveryspotlight
134146080000007-05-2012 Science Advance: Presence of a community health center and uninsured emergency department visit rates in rural counties CommunityscienceAdv
134206560000007-12-2012 Science Advance: Association between vitamin B12-containing supplement consumption and prevalence of biochemically defined B12 deficiency in adults in NHANES III DiscoveryscienceAdv
134267040000007-19-2012 Minority Health-GRID Network: A Genomics Resource for Health Disparity Research DiscoveryscienceAdv
133886880000006-05-2012 Discovery Spotlight: Dr. Pete Lollar Discoveryspotlight
133904160000006-07-2012 Certificate Program in Translational Research Training
133904160000006-07-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Charles Raison in the News Discoveryspotlight
133956000000006-13-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Bali Pulendran in the News Discoveryspotlight
134007840000006-19-2012 Clinical Research Site Spotlight: Center for Health Discovery & Well Being Discoveryspotlight
134025120000006-21-2012 Bristol-Myers Squibb & ACTSI/Emory University Announce Partnership Discovery
134025120000006-21-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Bruce Ribner in the News Discoveryspotlight
134085600000006-28-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Ray Dingledine in the News Discoveryspotlight
133904160000006-07-2012 Science Advance: Factor VIII A3 domain substitution N1922S results in hemophilia A due to domain-specific misfolding and hyposecretion of functional protein DiscoveryscienceAdv
133964640000006-14-2012 Science Advance: Intervention to Reduce Transmission of Resistant Bacteria in Intensive Care DiscoveryscienceAdv
134025120000006-21-2012 Science Advance: Low abundance of sweat duct Cl- channel CFTR in both healthy and cystic fibrosis athletes with exceptionally salty sweat during exercise DiscoveryscienceAdv
134085600000006-28-2012 Science Advance: Reducing Bias and Mean Squared Error Associated With Regression-Based Odds Ratio Estimators DiscoveryscienceAdv
133593120000005-02-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Allan Kirk in the News Discoveryspotlight
133662240000005-10-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Carol Hogue in the News Discoveryspotlight
133696800000005-14-2012 Investigator Spotlight: Dr. Priscilla Igho-Pemu Discoveryspotlight
133722720000005-17-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Krish Sathian in the News Discoveryspotlight
133722720000005-17-2012 Science Advance: A Note on Generalized Functional Linear Model & its Application Discovery
133722720000005-17-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Eric Felner in the News Discoveryspotlight
133843680000005-31-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Douglas Bremner in the News Discoveryspotlight
133601760000005-03-2012 Science Advance: Spike-Timing Precision and Neuronal Synchrony Are Enhanced by an Interaction between Synaptic Inhibition and Membrane Oscillations in the Amygdala TrainingscienceAdv
133662240000005-10-2012 Science Advance: Children with NAFLD are More Sensitive to the Adverse Metabolic Effects of Fructose Beverages than Children without NAFLD DiscoveryscienceAdv
133843680000005-31-2012 Science Advance: MedVault DiscoveryscienceAdv
133359840000004-05-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Andreas Garcia in the News Discoveryspotlight
133411680000004-11-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Kenneth Newell in the News Discoveryspotlight
133480800000004-19-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Thomas Ziegler in the News Discoveryspotlight
133541280000004-26-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Sagar Lonial in the News Trainingspotlight
133420320000004-12-2012 Science Advance: Relation of Obesity to Circulating B-Type Natriuretic Peptide Concentrations in Blacks DiscoveryscienceAdv
133480800000004-19-2012 Science Advance: Pilot Study of Vitamin D Supplementation in Adults with Cystic Fibrosis Pulmonary Exacerbation DiscoveryscienceAdv
133541280000004-26-2012 Science Advance: Association of Antenatal Corticosteroids with Mortality & Neurodevelopmental Outcomes DiscoveryscienceAdv
133092360000003-05-2012 Investigator Spotlight: Sandra Dunbar Trainingspotlight
133109640000003-07-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Stuart Zola in the News Discoveryspotlight
133161120000003-13-2012 Investigator Spotlight: Dr. George Rust Discoveryspotlight
133299360000003-29-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Mark Prausnitz in the News Trainingspotlight
133299360000003-29-2012 Rare Hand Transplant Performed by ACTSI Investigator DiscoveryscienceAdv
133299360000003-29-2012 Science Advance: Non-invasive Imaging Can Detect Genetic Mutations Within a Brain Tumor TrainingscienceAdv
132807240000002-01-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Helen Mayberg in the News Discoveryspotlight
132867720000002-08-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Mahlon Delong in the News Discoveryspotlight
132980040000002-21-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Nanette Wenger in the News Discoveryspotlight
133040520000002-28-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Barbara Stoll in the News Discoveryspotlight
132565320000001-04-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Barbara Rothbaum in the News Discoveryspotlight
132677640000001-17-2012 Investigator Spotlight: Dr. Charles Raison Discoveryspotlight
132694920000001-19-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. James Lah in the News Discoveryspotlight
132746760000001-25-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Allan Levey in the News Discoveryspotlight
132789960000001-30-2012 Investigator Spotlight: Dr. Donald Bliwise Trainingspotlight
135528840000012-12-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Eric Hunter in the News Discoveryspotlight
135416520000011-29-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. David Rye in the News Discoveryspotlight
135597960000012-20-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Peng Jin in the News Discoveryspotlight
135597960000012-20-2012 Atlanta Church Tackles Diabetes Management Among Members Community
135597960000012-20-2012 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Kerry Ressler in the News Discoveryspotlight
135477000000012-06-2012 Science Advance: ARRA & the ACTSI Help Advance Innovation through Imaging DiscoveryscienceAdv
135537480000012-13-2012 Science Advance: Ethical Perspectives on Knowledge Translation in Rehabilitation CommunityscienceAdv
135597960000012-20-2012 Science Advance: Bioartificial matrices for therapeutic vascularization DiscoveryscienceAdv
138621960000012-05-2013 ACTSI Co-PI Wins Distinguished Clemson Award Discovery
138621960000012-05-2013 View Webinar on ACTSI's Research Education, Training, & Career Development Programs Training
138621960000012-05-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Gary Miller in the News Discoveryspotlight
138621960000012-05-2013 ACTSI/Children's Pediatric Research Center Welcomes New Leadership Discovery
138682440000012-12-2013 New ACTSI/Emory/Georgia Tech Coulter Program Director Discovery
138682440000012-12-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Guillermo Umpierrez in the News Discoveryspotlight
138742920000012-19-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Paula Frew in the News Trainingspotlight
138682440000012-12-2013 Georgia Tech Student's Accomplishments After Completing Certificate Program Trainingspotlight
136004040000002-05-2013 Science Advance: A culture-specific nutrient intake assessment instrument in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis TrainingscienceAdv
138682440000012-12-2013 A Model for Strengthening Collaborative Research Capacity: Illustrations From the ACTSI CommunityscienceAdv
138742920000012-19-2013 Science Advance: Crohn's disease study uses patients' own bone marrow cells for personalized treatment DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
138380040000011-07-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Javed Butler in the News Discoveryspotlight
138380040000011-07-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Thomas Pearson in the News Discoveryspotlight
138501000000011-21-2013 Science Advance: A subunit-selective potentiator of NR2C- and NR2D-containing NMDA receptors DiscoveryscienceAdv
138501000000011-21-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Michelle LaPlaca in the News Discoveryspotlight
138501000000011-21-2013 ACTSI Master of Science in Clinical Research Scholar's Career Progress Trainingspotlight
138380040000011-07-2013 Atlanta Universities Support MRSA Studies at Children's and Grady TrainingscienceAdvspotlight
138440520000011-14-2013 Science Advance: LINGO1 and LINGO2 variants are associated with essential tremor and Parkinson disease DiscoveryscienceAdv
138077280000010-03-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Mark Prausnitz in the News Discoveryspotlight
138137760000010-10-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. William Hu in the News Discoveryspotlight
138180960000010-15-2013 ACTSI Investigators & Emory School of Medicine MilliPub Club Awardees Discovery
138180960000010-15-2013 ACTSI Investigator/Scholar Dr. Andi Shane in the News Trainingspotlight
138189600000010-16-2013 ACTSI Investigators Recipients of Emory's 1% Award Discovery
138189600000010-16-2013 Millipub Club | Emory 1% Training
138258720000010-24-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Andres Garcia in the News Discoveryspotlight
138310560000010-30-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Nael McCarty in the News Discoveryspotlight
138077280000010-03-2013 Science Advance: Acute Heart Failure-Patient Characteristics and Pathophysiology TrainingscienceAdv
138137760000010-10-2013 Science Advance: Comparative Assessment of a Smartphone Otoscope for the Diagnosis and Management of Acute Otitis Media DiscoveryscienceAdv
138258720000010-24-2013 Models of Inter-institutional Partnerships between Research Intensive Universities and Minority Serving Institutions across the CTSA Consortium DiscoveryscienceAdv
138319200000010-31-2013 Science Advance: Intimate Partner Violence Among HIV-Infected Crack Cocaine Users TrainingscienceAdv
137835360000009-05-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Jacques Galipeau in the News Discoveryspotlight
137895840000009-12-2013 Fogarty Awards New Infectious Disease Research Training Grant to ACTSI Program Director/Investigator Training
137895840000009-12-2013 More ResearchMatch Sub-registries Launched Discovery
137895840000009-12-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Walter Curran in the News Discoveryspotlight
137956320000009-19-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Madhuri Hegde in the News Discoveryspotlight
138016800000009-26-2013 ACTSI Co-Program Director Receives NIH Director's Broadening Experience in Scientific Training (BEST) Award Discovery
138016800000009-26-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Drew Westen in the News Discoveryspotlight
138016800000009-26-2013 ACTSI Master of Science in Clinical Research (MSCR) Scholar Success Trainingspotlight
137956320000009-19-2013 Science Advance: Molecular Beacons Light Path to Cardiac Muscle Repair DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
138016800000009-26-2013 Science Advance: Approximate and Pseudo-Likelihood Analysis for Logistic Regression Using External Validation Data to Model Log Exposure Discovery
137593440000008-08-2013 Engage in New Clinical Research Nurse Alliance Discovery
137593440000008-08-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Nanette Wenger in the News Discoveryspotlight
137645280000008-14-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Carlos del Rio in the News Discoveryspotlight
137714400000008-22-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Kimberly Workowski in the News Discoveryspotlight
137774880000008-29-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Gang Bao in the News Discoveryspotlight
137714400000008-22-2013 Building the Next Generation of Translational Investigators Trainingspotlight
137593440000008-08-2013 Science Advance: Emory-VA Collaborate on Diabetes Drug Study TrainingscienceAdv
137645280000008-14-2013 Science Advance: Treatment of nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy DiscoveryscienceAdv
137714400000008-22-2013 Science Advance: Protein Expression is a Prognostic Biomarker in Patients with Early-Stage Resected Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma TrainingscienceAdv
137774880000008-29-2013 Science Advance: No increased risk of obstructive sleep apnea in Parkinson's disease DiscoveryscienceAdv
137282400000007-03-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Nicole Turgeon in the News Discoveryspotlight
137351520000007-11-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Michael Frankel in the News Discoveryspotlight
137412000000007-18-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Viraj Master in the News Discoveryspotlight
137472480000007-25-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Helen Mayberg in the News Discoveryspotlight
137515680000007-30-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Igho Ofotokun in the News Discoveryspotlight
137394720000007-16-2013 Scholar Spotlight: Certificate Program in Translational Research Discoveryspotlight
137282400000007-03-2013 Science Advance: Study Links Post-traumatic Stress Disorder & Cardiovascular Disease DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
137351520000007-11-2013 Science Advance: The renin-angiotensin pathway in posttraumatic stress disorder: angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers are associated with fewer traumatic stress symptoms DiscoveryscienceAdv
137412000000007-18-2013 Science Advance: Sexually transmitted diseases-Prevalence of urethral Trichomonas vaginalis in black and white men who have sex with men TrainingscienceAdv
137472480000007-25-2013 Science Advance: Critical care medicine: Stem cells in sepsis and acute lung injury Discovery
137524320000007-31-2013 Moderate versus intensive treatment of hypertension using amlodipine/valsartan and with the addition of hydrochlorothiazide for patients uncontrolled on angiotensin receptor blocker monotherapy: results in racial/ethnic subgroups TrainingscienceAdv
137049120000006-06-2013 NIH Director Visits Georgia Research Community Discovery
137049120000006-06-2013 ResearchMatch Launches Second Condition Specific Sub-Registry Discovery
137049120000006-06-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Andrew Miller in the News Discoveryspotlight
137109600000006-13-2013 What is REDCap? Discovery
137109600000006-13-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Kerry Ressler in the News Discoveryspotlight
137170080000006-20-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Edward Lin in the News Discoveryspotlight
137230560000006-27-2013 Congratulations All Around Discovery
137230560000006-27-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Kevin Ault in the News Discoveryspotlight
137230560000006-27-2013 Jump-start Study Recruitment: Two Websites to Publicize Clinical Trials Discovery
137049120000006-06-2013 Science Advance: Monoclonal antibody effective in treating life-threatening renal disease TrainingscienceAdvspotlight
137109600000006-13-2013 Science Advance: Translation to Practice of an Intervention to Promote Colorectal Cancer Screening Among African Americans DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
137109600000006-13-2013 Science Advance: Heart Failure Clinical Trials Network DiscoveryscienceAdv
137170080000006-20-2013 Science Advance: Innovative Bone Marrow Therapy to Treat Crohn's Disease DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
137230560000006-27-2013 Science Advance: ACTSI Translational Science Poster TrainingscienceAdv
136746720000005-02-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Guillermo Umpierrez in the News Discoveryspotlight
136807200000005-09-2013 Congrats to ACTSI TL1 Dual-Degree Student Training
136807200000005-09-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Mark Mulligan in the News Discoveryspotlight
136867680000005-16-2013 ACTSI MSCR Student Named First Fellow in Primary Lateral Sclerosis Training
136867680000005-16-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Greg Berns in the News Discoveryspotlight
136928160000005-23-2013 ACTSI Investigators Andres Garcia & Todd McDevitt Featured on NIH Director's Blog Discovery
136928160000005-23-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Larry Young in the News Trainingspotlight
136988640000005-30-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Barbara Rothbaum in the News Discoveryspotlight
136928160000005-23-2013 The Commercialization FastTrac Discoveryspotlight
136746720000005-02-2013 Science Advance: Sinonasal Epithelial Wound Resealing in an In Vitro Model: Inhibition of Wound Closure with IL-4 Exposure DiscoveryscienceAdv
136807200000005-09-2013 Science Advance: Engineered Biomaterial for Cell Transplantation may Hold Hope for Type 1 Diabetes TrainingscienceAdvspotlight
136867680000005-16-2013 Science Advance: Hepatitis C Therapeutic Registry & Research Network (HCV-TARGET) TrainingscienceAdv
136928160000005-23-2013 Science Advance: Evaluation of Frailty in Older Adults with Cardiovascular Disease, Incorporating Physical Performance Measures TrainingscienceAdv
136988640000005-30-2013 Science Advance: Early Alterations of the Immune Transcriptome in Cultured Progenitor Cells From Obese African-American Women DiscoveryscienceAdv
136504800000004-04-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Dong Moon Shin in the News Discoveryspotlight
136539360000004-08-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Erwin Van Meir in the News Trainingspotlight
136565280000004-11-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Sandra Dunbar in the News Discoveryspotlight
136565280000004-11-2013 NCATS Visits the ACTSI Training
136686240000004-25-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Arshed Quyyumi in the News Discoveryspotlight
136504800000004-04-2013 Science Advance Featured on The Colbert Report Discoveryspotlight
136565280000004-11-2013 The Princess & the PRC: The Story of the ACTSI's Pediatric Research Center at Egleston Discoveryspotlight
136504800000004-04-2013 Science Advance: Psychosocial factors associated with diet quality in a working adult population. TrainingscienceAdv
135848520000001-18-2013 Science Advance-Paths to Success: Optimal & Equitable Health Outcomes for All CommunityscienceAdv
136686240000004-25-2013 Research Collaboration: Neurop & ACTSI Scientists Target Cognitive & Mental Health Disorders TrainingscienceAdv
136263240000003-07-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Stephen Warren in the News Discovery
136323360000003-14-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Patrick Sullivan in the News Discoveryspotlight
136323360000003-14-2013 ARRA Grants Build Research Capacity & Best Practices in Georgia Communities Community
136383840000003-21-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Raymond Schinazi in the News Discoveryspotlight
136435680000003-27-2013 Georgia Tech Capstone Expo Training
136435680000003-27-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Vinod Thourani in the News Discoveryspotlight
136435680000003-27-2013 NCATS Funds Summer Institute for Training in Biostatistics Trainingspotlight
136263240000003-07-2013 Science Advance: Excess variants in AFF2 detected by massively parallel sequencing of males with autism spectrum disorder DiscoveryscienceAdv
136323360000003-14-2013 Science Advance: Transbrachial intra-aortic balloon pumping for high-risk percutaneous coronary intervention DiscoveryscienceAdv
136383840000003-21-2013 Science Advance: Anesthesia and analgesia: Transfusion management of trauma patients DiscoveryscienceAdv
136435680000003-27-2013 Science Advance: IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology & Bioinformatics: Incorporating Nonlinear Relationships in Microarray Missing Value Imputation DiscoveryscienceAdv
136021320000002-07-2013 ACTSI Studio Consultations Training
136021320000002-07-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Laurence Sperling in the News Discoveryspotlight
136081800000002-14-2013 ACTSI Scholar Selected to Serve as Associate Scientific Advisor for Science Translational Medicine Training
136081800000002-14-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Wendy Armstrong in the News Trainingspotlight
136142280000002-21-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Christine Moe in the News Trainingspotlight
136202760000002-28-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. James Hughes in the News Trainingspotlight
136202760000002-28-2013 ACTSI Trainee Receives CBPR R-Grant Trainingspotlight
135969480000002-01-2013 Science Advance: Inflammatory mediator patterns in tracheal aspirate and their association with bronchopulmonary dysplasia in very low birth weight neonates DiscoveryscienceAdv
136021320000002-07-2013 Science Advance: The health-related quality of life impact of chronic pruritus-the skin equivalent of chronic pain TrainingscienceAdv
136081800000002-14-2013 Science Advance: Mediators of a long-term movement abnormality in a Drosophila melanogaster model of classic galactosemia TrainingscienceAdv
136142280000002-21-2013 Science Advance: Targeted sequencing of the human X chromosome exome DiscoveryscienceAdv
136202760000002-28-2013 Science Advance: A pilot study in discrepancies in quality of life among three cutaneous types of rosacea TrainingscienceAdv
135718920000001-03-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Rafi Ahmed in the News Discoveryspotlight
135770760000001-09-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Douglas Morris in the News Discoveryspotlight
135779400000001-10-2013 ACTSI Clinical Research Network Site Director Named to American Diabetes Association Board Discovery
135839880000001-17-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Sheryl Gabram in the News Discoveryspotlight
135891720000001-23-2013 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Xiaodong Cheng in the News Discoveryspotlight
135753480000001-07-2013 Institutional Data Use Agreement between Emory, MSM, GA Tech & Children's Discoveryspotlight
135718920000001-03-2013 Science Advance: Likelihood-based methods for regression analysis with binary exposure status assessed by pooling DiscoveryscienceAdv
135779400000001-10-2013 Science Advance: Diffusion-weighted MRI for monitoring tumor response to photodynamic therapy DiscoveryscienceAdv
135839880000001-17-2013 Science Advance: Association of Adiponectin With Left Ventricular Mass in Blacks The Jackson Heart Study CommunityscienceAdv
135900360000001-24-2013 Science Advance: Tumor characteristics and survival analysis of incidental versus suspected gallbladder carcinoma TrainingscienceAdv
141213600000010-01-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Fadi Nahab in the News Discoveryspotlight
141274080000010-08-2014 The Emory Healthcare Edge: Access to Clinical Trials Discovery
141274080000010-08-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Christian Larsen in the News Discoveryspotlight
141343200000010-16-2014 ACTSI & Emory: Setting the Stage for Biomedical Commercialization Discovery
141343200000010-16-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Lawrence Phillips in the News Discoveryspotlight
141386400000010-21-2014 ACTSI Investigator & PI Dr. David Stephens in the News Discoveryspotlight
141395040000010-22-2014 ACTSI-supported Analytics Information Warehouse Recognized Internationally Discovery
141403680000010-23-2014 Emory OTT & ACTSI: Partnership in Action Trainingspotlight
141464160000010-30-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Anne Dunlop in the News Discoveryspotlight
141213600000010-01-2014 ACTSI on Twitter Trainingspotlight
141213600000010-01-2014 ACTSI Facilitates Collaborative Relationship between Emory & UAB Discoveryspotlight
141040800000009-11-2014 Science Advance: A culture-specific nutrient intake assessment instrument in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis DiscoveryscienceAdv
141040800000009-11-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Greg Martin in the News Discoveryspotlight
141092640000009-17-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Aneesh Mehta in the News Discoveryspotlight
141161760000009-25-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Paul Spearman in the News Discoveryspotlight
140980320000009-04-2014 Science Advance: Estrogen receptor-alpha 36 mediates the anti-apoptotic effect of estradiol in triple negative breast cancer cells via a membrane-associated mechanism DiscoveryscienceAdv
141101280000009-18-2014 Science Advance: Assessment of right ventricular function in left ventricular assist device candidates DiscoveryscienceAdv
141161760000009-25-2014 Science Advance: Echocardiographic assessment of pulmonary artery systolic pressure and outcomes in ambulatory heart failure patients DiscoveryscienceAdv
140798880000008-14-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Abhinav Goyal in the News Discoveryspotlight
140660640000007-29-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Thomas Ziegler in the News Discoveryspotlight
140911200000008-27-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Stuart Zola in the News Discoveryspotlight
140721120000008-05-2014 Science Advance: Bringing Consciously Resting Meditation to the Community to Reduce Metabolic Syndrome DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
140798880000008-14-2014 Science Advance: Anti-retroviral therapy is associated with decreased alveolar glutathione levels even in healthy HIV-infected individuals TrainingscienceAdv
140859360000008-21-2014 Science Advance: Regression for skewed biomarker outcomes subject to pooling DiscoveryscienceAdv
140919840000008-28-2014 Science Advance: Effects of clopidogrel therapy on oxidative stress, inflammation, vascular function, and progenitor cells in stable coronary artery disease DiscoveryscienceAdv
140496480000007-10-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Dean Jones in the News Discoveryspotlight
140556960000007-17-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Bali Pulendran in the News Discoveryspotlight
140608800000007-23-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Judith Wold in the News Discoveryspotlight
140617440000007-24-2014 Need Assistance Developing Research Proposals & Designing Protocols? Discovery
140496480000007-10-2014 Science Advance: Community Health Matters Issue 2, ACTSI Clinical Research Network & Community Engagement Research Program Newsletter DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
140556960000007-17-2014 Scholar Links Depression in Younger Women to Higher Risk of Death from Heart Disease TrainingscienceAdvspotlight
140608800000007-23-2014 Science Advance: A Community-based Participatory Research Approach to HIV/AIDS Risk Reduction DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
140660640000007-29-2014 Science Advance: Melatonin Does Not Effect Nighttime Blood Pressure in African-Americans with Essential Hypertension TrainingscienceAdv
140194080000006-05-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Sagar Lonial in the News Trainingspotlight
140254560000006-12-2014 Clinical Research Space/Services Across Atlanta for Emory, MSM, GT, Children's, & VA Investigators Training
140254560000006-12-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. David Wright in the News Discoveryspotlight
140254560000006-12-2014 Recent ACTSI Trainee & Scholar Accomplishments Training
140306400000006-18-2014 Need IRB Reciprocity, IP/Tech Transfer or Data Use Agreements with Emory, MSM, GT, or Children's? Discovery
140375520000006-26-2014 Atlanta's Top Docs Use ACTSI Services Discovery
140375520000006-26-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Krishnendu Roy in the News Discoveryspotlight
140306400000006-18-2014 Spotlight: ACTSI-supported Metabolic Camp at Emory Supports Girls with Genetic Metabolic Disorders Treated with Nutrition Interventions Trainingspotlight
140194080000006-05-2014 Science Advance: Transplant Decision App CommunityscienceAdvspotlight
140306400000006-18-2014 Science Advance: Aurora A orchestrates entosis by regulating a dynamic MCAK-TIP150 interaction DiscoveryscienceAdv
139891680000005-01-2014 Three ACTSI Investigators Join Prestigious American Society for Clinical Investigation Discovery
139891680000005-01-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Tim Read in the News Discoveryspotlight
139960800000005-09-2014 Access ACTSI-partner Cores & Funding for Biomedical Symposia Discovery
139960800000005-09-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Paul Doetsch in the News Discoveryspotlight
140012640000005-15-2014 Graduate of ACTSI-sponsored Kauffman Foundation FastTrac TechVenture Course Featured in Newsweek Training
140012640000005-15-2014 Disseminate Research Findings to the Community Community
140012640000005-15-2014 ResearchMatch & Neuropathy Discovery
140012640000005-15-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. James Lah in the News Discoveryspotlight
140073120000005-22-2014 10 out of 15 Atlanta Business Chronicle Top Medical Researchers from Emory & Georgia Tech are ACTSI Investigators Training
140073120000005-22-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Vin Tangpricha in the News Training
140073120000005-22-2014 Egleston Pediatric Research Unit Named Center of Excellence Discoveryspotlight
139891680000005-01-2014 Science Advance: Technological Innovation Generating Economic Results TrainingscienceAdv
139649760000004-03-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Boadie Dunlop in the News Discoveryspotlight
139770720000004-17-2014 ACTSI Leader Takes His Message to Senators on Capitol Hill Community
139770720000004-17-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Gregory Berns in the News Discoveryspotlight
139831200000004-24-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Srini Tridandapani in the News Discoveryspotlight
139831200000004-24-2014 Slides & Photos: Academic & Industry Intersection Conference Discovery
139649760000004-03-2014 Science Advance: ACTSI-supported Team Wins Second Place in InVenture Prize Competition TrainingscienceAdv
139710240000004-10-2014 Science Advance: Integrated Self-care Intervention for Heart Failure & Diabetes DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
139408200000003-06-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Aloke Finn in the News Discoveryspotlight
139468320000003-13-2014 Video: Emory and Clinical Trials Discovery
139528800000003-20-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Allan Levey in the News Discoveryspotlight
139589280000003-27-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Rachel Patzer in the News Discoveryspotlight
139408200000003-06-2014 Science Advance: Finalists Selected for Georgia Tech InVenture Prize TrainingscienceAdv
139589280000003-27-2014 Inaugural CRN & CERP Community Health Matters Newsletter CommunityscienceAdvspotlight
139166280000002-06-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Henry Blumberg in the News Discoveryspotlight
139209480000002-11-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Richard Cummings in the News Discoveryspotlight
139287240000002-20-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Jeff Lennox in the News Discoveryspotlight
139339080000002-26-2014 Video: About Technology Transfer Discovery
139339080000002-26-2014 Video: What is a Clinical Trial? Discovery
139339080000002-26-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Miriam Vos in the News Discoveryspotlight
139149000000002-04-2014 ACTSI Investigator Dr. Charles Moore in the News Training
139209480000002-11-2014 Kaiser Permanente to Launch a National BioBank Trainingspotlight
139157640000002-05-2014 Research leads to a Potential New Option in Treating Chronic Kidney Disease DiscoveryscienceAdv