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Browse 2019 Georgia CTSA news articles past and present by sorting by date, title, and category (Community, Discovery, and Training). Stories with purple tabs feature community-focused work, yellow tabs highlight stories of discovery or science advances, and stories with blue tabs offer spotlights and profiles of Georgia CTSA scholars and trainees. Showing only Science Advances or Spotlights provides an archive of Georgia CTSA stories of success. Science Advances explain scientific breakthroughs made with Georgia CTSA support providing concrete examples of translation. Spotlights focus on funding opportunities, special events, and programmatic achievement.

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157681800000012-20-2019 Happy Holidays! Communityspotlight
156532320000008-09-2019 A Memorial to Celebrate the Life of Daniel S. Blumenthal Communityspotlight
155737440000005-09-2019 Celebrating 25 Years Communityspotlight
155867040000005-24-2019 Recognizing 2019 Healthcare Heroes Trainingspotlight
155806560000005-17-2019 Thank You to Georgia CTSA's 700+ Twitter Followers Communityspotlight
157560840000012-06-2019 Emory SOM Imagine, Innovate and Impact (I3) Nexus Grant Recipients Discoveryspotlight
157318920000011-08-2019 Call for Student-Initiated Project Grants in Healthcare Innovation - LOI Due December 6 Discoveryspotlight
157258080000011-01-2019 Call for Investigator-initiated Seed Grants in Healthcare Innovation - LOI Due TODAY Discoveryspotlight
157137120000010-18-2019 Congratulations to the Georgia CTSA 2019 Pilot Grant Recipients Discoveryspotlight
157016160000010-04-2019 Healthcare Innovation Program Pilot Grant Recipients Discoveryspotlight
155867040000005-24-2019 Emory University Research Committee & Georgia CTSA 2019 Grant Recipients Discoveryspotlight
155495520000004-11-2019 A Call for Investigator-Initiated Project Grants in Healthcare Innovation-Due April 15 Discoveryspotlight
157439880000011-22-2019 Georgia CTSA Community Engagement Steering Board Member Advances Health Equity Communityspotlight
156955680000009-27-2019 2019 Community Engagement Day Communityspotlight
156713760000008-30-2019 MedTech Women at SEMDA Atlanta 2019 Conference Communityspotlight
156471840000008-02-2019 Expanding Capacity in Rural Georgia Through Grant Writing Workshops Communityspotlight
155746080000005-10-2019 3-Tier Support Available for Community Communityspotlight
155625120000004-26-2019 Forming Partnerships to Improve Population Health Trainingspotlight
155556000000004-18-2019 The 4th Biennial Georgia CTSA Community Engagement Forum -Online Registration Ends Monday Communityspotlight
155374560000003-28-2019 Georgia CTSA's Adrianne Serrano Proeller Selected as National Association of Community Health Workers Ambassador Communityspotlight
155193480000003-07-2019 Register Now for the Community Engagement Forum on April 25-26 Communityspotlight
154899720000002-01-2019 Community Engagement Grant Writing Awardee Receives Food Well Alliance Community Grant Communityspotlight
157621320000012-13-2019 Georgia CTSA Research Bionutritionist Explores Relationship Between Gut Microbiome and Obesity DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
157560840000012-06-2019 Smartphone App to Detect Anemia Quickly and Painlessly Co-Developed by Georgia CTSA Innovation Catalyst Director DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
157439880000011-22-2019 Georgia Tech BME Capstone Seeks Project Proposals Discoveryspotlight
157379400000011-15-2019 Seeking Mentors: Grant Writing Consultation Program Discoveryspotlight
157318920000011-08-2019 Call for Abstracts - Southeast Regional Clinical & Translational Science Conference - Due December 6 Discoveryspotlight
157258080000011-01-2019 Southeast Regional Clinical & Translational Science Conference - February 27 - 29 Discoveryspotlight
157197600000010-25-2019 Understanding Career Orientation of Clinical Research Coordinators to Support Professional Development DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
157137120000010-18-2019 Georgia CTSA Impact Report Discoveryspotlight
157076640000010-11-2019 Re-imaging the Flu Vaccine DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
156955680000009-27-2019 Nominations for Georgia CTSA Team Science Awards Trainingspotlight
156895200000009-20-2019 Blue Sky Group: Cardiovascular Inflammation - October 23 Discoveryspotlight
156895200000009-20-2019 Grant Writing Workshop: Preparing NIH R-Series Awards - November 14 Discoveryspotlight
156834720000009-13-2019 Health Services Research Center Lunch and Learn Panel on Grant Writing - September 25 Discoveryspotlight
156774240000009-06-2019 Georgia Bio Innovation Summit: Call for Poster Submissions - Due September 9 Discoveryspotlight
156774240000009-06-2019 All of Us Research Program Enrolls Over 200,000 Participants Discoveryspotlight
156713760000008-30-2019 Former Georgia CTSA KL2 Scholars Receive Awards to Expand Research Discoveryspotlight
156653280000008-23-2019 Medical Device Regulations Conference Discoveryspotlight
156653280000008-23-2019 ACT Network Video Shows How to Accelerate Clinical Studies Discoveryspotlight
156592800000008-16-2019 Team Science Building and Managing Your First Research Team Discoveryspotlight
156532320000008-09-2019 Virtual Stat Tuesdays for UGA Faculty and Trainees Discoveryspotlight
156471840000008-02-2019 Blue Sky Group: Access to Care Discoveryspotlight
156411360000007-26-2019 CTRU Announces Seed Grant Awards for FY20 Discoveryspotlight
156411360000007-26-2019 Georgia CTSA Investigators Receive $17M HIV-related NIH Grant and $7.4M SCORE Grant Discoveryspotlight
156350880000007-19-2019 Biostatistics Boot Camp Serves as Introductory or Refresher Course Discoveryspotlight
156350880000007-19-2019 Michael G. Kurilla, MD, PhD, Presents 'Translation in Higher Dimensions' Discoveryspotlight
156290400000007-12-2019 Online Master of Science in Biotechnology Extends Learning Opportunities Trainingspotlight
156290400000007-12-2019 Zoobiquity Conference Provides a Species-Spanning Approach to Medicine Discoveryspotlight
156229920000007-05-2019 NCATS Resources Highlight Attributes of Translational Scientists Discoveryspotlight
156229920000007-05-2019 Biomedical Engineering Capstone Design Seeks Proposals Discoveryspotlight
156169440000006-28-2019 Highlights from the 25th Metabolic Camp Discoveryspotlight
156169440000006-28-2019 New Georgia CTSA Clinical Research Centers (GCRCs) Fee Schedule Discoveryspotlight
156108960000006-21-2019 Georgia CTSA-supported Professional Certificate in Health IT Offers In-demand Skills Trainingspotlight
156108960000006-21-2019 NCATS Video Explains Important Role of Translational Scientists Discoveryspotlight
156048480000006-14-2019 Georgia CTSA Investigator Thomas Ziegler, MD Selected as Member of NIH Study Section Discoveryspotlight
156048480000006-14-2019 Call for Mentees: New TEAMS Program Discoveryspotlight
155988000000006-07-2019 Health Services Research Course - Applications Due June 21 Discoveryspotlight
155988000000006-07-2019 Georgia CTSA Bionutrition Research Manager Elected to NARN Board Discoveryspotlight
155927520000005-31-2019 Emory SOM I3 Venture Research 2019 Grant Recipients Discoveryspotlight
155927520000005-31-2019 ACT Network Launched at Georgia CTSA Discoveryspotlight
155806560000005-17-2019 2019 Health Services Research Day Poster Presentation Winners Discoveryspotlight
155746080000005-10-2019 Improving Quality of Informed Consent Process DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
155676960000005-02-2019 Call for Mentors: New TEAMS Program Discoveryspotlight
155676960000005-02-2019 6th Annual Health Services Research Day Discoveryspotlight
155625120000004-26-2019 Georgia CTSA-supported Research Highlighted in New PBS Program DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
155495520000004-11-2019 Innovate @ Emory-Innovation Showcase-April 18 Discoveryspotlight
155435040000004-04-2019 UGA Added to Georgia CTSA IRB Reciprocity Agreement Discoveryspotlight
155383200000003-29-2019 Engaging Children in Hands-on STEM Activity at Atlanta Science Festival Discoveryspotlight
155314080000003-21-2019 Celebrating 25 Years of Metabolic Camp at Emory University Trainingspotlight
155253600000003-14-2019 New Research Led by Georgia CTSA Pediatrics Program Director Reveals Racial Disparities in Asthma Related to Healthcare Access DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
155193480000003-07-2019 2019 Georgia Clinical & Translation Science Conference Awards Discoveryspotlight
155141640000003-01-2019 Highlights of the 2nd Annual Statewide Georgia Clinical & Translational Science Conference Discoveryspotlight
155063880000002-20-2019 Register Now-6th Annual Health Services Research Day-May 15 Discoveryspotlight
155081160000002-22-2019 Join the 10,000 Women Project Interest Session-March 1 Discoveryspotlight
155020680000002-15-2019 Georgia CTSA-supported Project Wins 2018 Capstone Design Expo Discoveryspotlight
155020680000002-15-2019 Blue Sky Group- Aging Training
154960200000002-08-2019 Pamela Bhatti Leads Georgia Tech's School of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Discoveryspotlight
154839240000001-25-2019 300 Students Tackle Healthcare Challenges through Georgia Tech's FHIR-based Programming Course DiscoveryscienceAdv
157681800000012-20-2019 Georgia CTSA Launches Free Online Educational Exploration Trainingspotlight
157621320000012-13-2019 Certificate Program in Translational Research (CPTR) - Request for Applications - Due April 30 Trainingspotlight
157379400000011-15-2019 Recent Georgia CTSA TL1 Trainee Focuses Study on Improving Care and Outcomes of Persons with HIV Trainingspotlight
157197600000010-25-2019 Bench2Market Talks Series: Tales from the Trenches Trainingspotlight
157016160000010-04-2019 Now accepting applications for the Georgia CTSA TL1 (T32-like) Training Grant Clinical & Translational Research Training - Predoc Due February 17, Postdoc Due March 16 Trainingspotlight
156834720000009-13-2019 Georgia CTSA KL2 Program Clinical & Translational Research Career Development Program for Junior Faculty Members - Due March 2 Trainingspotlight
156592800000008-16-2019 Bridging Bench to Clinical Medicine Trainingspotlight