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159979680000009-11-2020 Digital Health Webinar Communityspotlight
159737760000008-14-2020 Request for Community Grant Writing Academy Applicants Communityspotlight
158286600000002-28-2020 Connecting and Engaging with Nurses from Across the State Communityspotlight
158882400000005-07-2020 Georgia CTSA Special Webinar: Community Engagement in the Era of COVID-19 - May 14 Communityspotlight
160100640000009-25-2020 HIP-Georgia CTSA Seed Grant Awards Discoveryspotlight
160040160000009-18-2020 SOM I3 Wow! Research Awards Discoveryspotlight
159858720000008-28-2020 I3 Synergy Kaiser Permanente Georgia COVID-19 Collaboration Awards Discoveryspotlight
159253920000006-19-2020 Emory SOM I3 Venture and Education Awards Discoveryspotlight
159193440000006-12-2020 Georgia CTSA Pilot Grant Award Recipients Discoveryspotlight
159132960000006-05-2020 Emory SOM I3 COVID-19 Catalyst Awards Discoveryspotlight
158467680000003-20-2020 Call for Investigator-Initiated Seed Grants in Healthcare Innovation: Dealing with Pandemics - LOI Due April 15 Discoveryspotlight
158407200000003-13-2020 Georgia CTSA Request for Proposals: Informatics - Deadline Extended to April 6 Discoveryspotlight
158226120000002-21-2020 Healthcare Innovation Program Awards Discoveryspotlight
157984200000001-24-2020 Georgia CTSA Request for Proposals: Informatics - Due March 6 Discoveryspotlight
157923720000001-17-2020 Georgia CTSA Biostatistics, Epidemiology & Research Design (BERD) Request for Proposals - Due March 31 Discoveryspotlight
160100640000009-25-2020 A State of Health: Georgia CTSA Making a Difference for Translational Research Trainingspotlight
160040160000009-18-2020 Call for Abstracts - Southeast Regional Clinical & Translational Science Conference Discoveryspotlight
159979680000009-11-2020 Team Selection and Newcomer Integration Workshop Discoveryspotlight
159910560000009-03-2020 Nominations for Georgia CTSA Team Science Awards Discoveryspotlight
159910560000009-03-2020 Blue Sky Group: COVID-19 and Health Equity Discoveryspotlight
159850080000008-27-2020 Effective Diabetes Prevention Program Led by Georgia CTSA Leader DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
159798240000008-21-2020 NIH COVID-19 Communities Responding Together Discoveryspotlight
159798240000008-21-2020 Have an App Idea? Contact the AppHatchery! Discoveryspotlight
159737760000008-14-2020 Georgia CTSA Leader Explores Lack of Diversity in COVID-19 Trials Discoveryspotlight
159677280000008-07-2020 Call for Consultants: Georgia CTSA Grant Wise Discoveryspotlight
159677280000008-07-2020 NIH Delivering New COVID-19 Tests Validated by Georgia CTSA Leaders DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
159616800000007-31-2020 Nationwide All of Us Database Available to Emory and Georgia Tech Researchers Discoveryspotlight
159616800000007-31-2020 Participants Needed for COVID-19 Vaccine and Therapeutic Trials Discoveryspotlight
159547680000007-23-2020 Speed Networking on COVID-19 via Zoom Discoveryspotlight
159547680000007-23-2020 Georgia CTSA Leads Serosurvey for CDC and FEMA COVID-19 Responders Discoveryspotlight
159495840000007-17-2020 Blue Sky Group: Adolescent Sexual Health Discoveryspotlight
159495840000007-17-2020 Georgia CTSA Investigators Encouraged by COVID-19 Vaccine Trial DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
159435360000007-10-2020 NIH Launches National COVID Cohort Collaborative Discoveryspotlight
159435360000007-10-2020 Georgia CTSA MSCR Trainee Receives Artemis Award Discoveryspotlight
159374880000007-03-2020 Collaboration Opportunities and Resources Discoveryspotlight
159314400000006-26-2020 Save the Date: Georgia CTSA Clinical and Translational Conference - March 4 - 5, 2021 Discoveryspotlight
159305760000006-25-2020 Expanding the View of Georgia CTSA Pediatrics Program's Research Impact Discoveryspotlight
159253920000006-19-2020 Recognizing 2020 Healthcare Heroes Discoveryspotlight
159193440000006-12-2020 Managing Virtual Teams Webinar Discoveryspotlight
159072480000005-29-2020 Data Collection During COVID-19: Using Remote Methods Discoveryspotlight
159072480000005-29-2020 Georgia CTSA Leaders to Begin Phase 1 Validation for National COVID-19 Tests DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
159012000000005-22-2020 Apply to be a TEAMS Fellow – Due June 1 Discoveryspotlight
159012000000005-22-2020 Former Georgia CTSA KL2 Scholar Helps Lead COVID-19 Research Efforts Discoveryspotlight
158951520000005-15-2020 Call for Mentors: TEAMS Program Discoveryspotlight
158882400000005-07-2020 Georgia CTSA CPTR Graduate's Anti-Inflammatory Drug Selected for International Phase 3 COVID-19 Trial DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
158821920000004-30-2020 Apply to be a TEAMS Fellow – Due June 1 Discoveryspotlight
158821920000004-30-2020 Georgia CTSA Clinical Research Centers Celebrate 60th Anniversary Discoveryspotlight
158770080000004-24-2020 Georgia CTSA Special Webinar: Managing Lab Trainees During This Unprecedented Time - April 28 Discoveryspotlight
158709600000004-17-2020 Georgia CTSA COVID-19 Response Discoveryspotlight
158640480000004-09-2020 Call for Mentors: TEAMS Program Discoveryspotlight
158528160000003-27-2020 Ramping Down Clinical Trials Webinar - March 31 Discoveryspotlight
158528160000003-27-2020 Georgia CTSA MSCR Graduate Co-Creates Innovative Telemedicine System for Emory ALS Patients DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
158467680000003-20-2020 Georgia CTSA MSCR Graduates on Front Line of COVID-19 Battle Discoveryspotlight
158407200000003-13-2020 Georgia CTSA Rapid Response Team Coordinates 48-Hour Approval for Treatment of Coronavirus Patient Discoveryspotlight
158347080000003-06-2020 Highlights of the Southeast Regional Clinical & Translational Science Conference Discoveryspotlight
158347080000003-06-2020 Georgia CTSA Leader Named to Georgia's Coronavirus Task Force Discoveryspotlight
158286600000002-28-2020 Science of Team Science Workshop - March 26 Discoveryspotlight
158226120000002-21-2020 Register Today! Annual Georgia CTSA Conference Begins Thursday Discoveryspotlight
158165640000002-14-2020 UGA and Children's Sign MOU to Streamline IRB Review Process Discoveryspotlight
158165640000002-14-2020 Register Now! Only 2 Weeks Until Annual Georgia CTSA Conference Discoveryspotlight
158105160000002-07-2020 Bench2Market Talks - From University Innovation to Commercialization Discoveryspotlight
158105160000002-07-2020 Register Today! Georgia CTSA Southeast Regional Clinical and Translational Science Conference Discoveryspotlight
158044680000001-31-2020 Health Services Research Day - May 6 Discoveryspotlight
158044680000001-31-2020 Georgia CTSA Leader Shares Culturally Congruent Coaching Approach DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
157984200000001-24-2020 Register Today for the Georgia CTSA Southeast Regional Clinical and Translational Science Conference Discoveryspotlight
157923720000001-17-2020 Southeastern Pediatric Research Conference - Abstracts Due March 13 Discoveryspotlight
157863240000001-10-2020 Former Georgia CTSA TL1 Trainee Links Inflammation to Risk for PTSD DiscoveryscienceAdvspotlight
159374880000007-03-2020 Biomedical Engineering Capstone Call for Projects Trainingspotlight
159132960000006-05-2020 Georgia CTSA Successfully Transitions to Online Learning Trainingspotlight
158951520000005-15-2020 Georgia CTSA KL2 Scholar Co-Authors NEJM Perspective Piece Trainingspotlight
158770080000004-24-2020 COVID-19 Prevention Measures Advocated by Georgia CTSA MSCR Grad Trainingspotlight
158709600000004-17-2020 Georgia CTSA MSCR Grad Helps Develop Best Practices for COVID ICU Trainingspotlight
158640480000004-09-2020 Georgia CTSA Former Trainee Scales Up In-House COVID-19 Test TrainingscienceAdvspotlight
158588640000004-03-2020 Bench2Market Talks: License vs. Start-up - April 22 Trainingspotlight
158588640000004-03-2020 Former Georgia CTSA Trainee Helps Lead ICU Response to COVID-19 TrainingscienceAdvspotlight
157863240000001-10-2020 Georgia CTSA Offers Grant Writing Consultation Service Trainingspotlight
157802760000001-03-2020 Kauffman FastTrac® TechVenture™ Course Provides Entrepreneur Training Trainingspotlight