Industry Intersection Annual Conference

University investigators and industry executives are searching for a place to learn how to collaborate. This conference, hosted by the ACTSI and Georgia Bio, provides examples on how universities and industry can effectively work together. Subject matter experts representing academia, industry, foundations, investors, and governments describe current models and innovative trends shaping the future. The program includes stories of successful academic/industry partnerships and useful collaborative ideas and resources.

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    Georgia CTSA-supported Teams Win Georgia Tech Capstone Design Expo

    Georgia Tech’s Capstone Design Expo is the largest student design expo in the U.S. It is an opportunity for student teams to present their innovative ideas to solve real-world problems to industry, investors, and the public. This year,...


    Georgia CTSA Biostatistics, Epidemiology, & Research Design

    Provides comprehensive biostatistical and epidemiological support, clinical protocol reviews, and educational resources for early career researchers. Learn More