The goal of Collaboration & Multi-Disciplinary Team Science is to promote collaboration and team science among investigators at all four Georgia CTSA institutions and beyond.

To reach this goal the Collaboration & Multi-Disciplinary Team Science team creates and collates collaboration and networking opportunities, provides team science training, organizes mentoring activities and enhances the recognition of team science with events such as:


Southeast Regional Clinical & Translational Science Conference

The annual conference brings together researchers from across the region to present the best new clinical and translational research and build collaborative partnerships; to allow attendees to network with national leaders and NIH staff in translational science and education; and to share research with others and develop new collaborations.


TEAMS Mentoring Program

The Georgia CTSA TEAMS (Translational Education and Mentoring in Science) Program provides faculty, postdocs and clinical fellows from our member institutions the opportunity to develop professional skills in the areas of translational and clinical research, with special emphasis on multidisciplinary teams. This innovative, cohort-based model takes a three pillared approach to mentoring and includes learning communities, 1:1 mentoring, as well as training and resources. 


Blue Sky Groups

Blue Sky Groups are convened to discuss common research areas and identify potential areas of collaboration. These groups meet once to discuss a broad topic, and then future meetings are organized based on interests and potential outcomes. Due to the format of these sessions, space is limited to a maximum 20 participants to ensure effective interaction.


Speed Networking

Participants are given the opportunity to make a 3-4 minute presentation to potential collaborators from both clinical and basic science backgrounds. Be careful! If you exceed the allotted amount of time you are gonged off the stage!

Participants are also welcome to come as observers rather than presenters.


Team Science Workshops

Establishing and maintaining a productive research team is a difficult challenge across all stages of an academic’s career. The science of good teamwork is universal, from incorporating graduate students and post-docs to your first research team to crossing-boundaries in the creation and maintenance of an interdisciplinary expert team. We offer a workshop that aims to develop the skills necessary to build and maintain your research team by leveraging research on existing teams.


Presidents' Award of Distinction for Team Science

The Presidents’ Award of Distinction for Team Science, conferred by the Presidents of the academic institutions of the Georgia Clinical & Translational Science Alliance (Georgia CTSA), recognizes and promotes excellence in multi-disciplinary research teams within the Georgia CTSA. This award is presented annually to an outstanding multi-disciplinary research team in recognition of its innovative and impactful research that has, or will likely, advance clinical and translational science and positively impact human health.


Team Science Award of Distinction for Early Stage Research Teams

The Team Science Award of Distinction for Early Stage Research Teams recognizes and promotes excellence in developing multi-disciplinary research teams within the Georgia Clinical & Translational Science Alliance (Georgia CTSA). This award will be presented to a developing (i.e., early stage) multi-disciplinary research team that demonstrates great potential for innovative and impactful advances in clinical and translational science.


If you have a question about any of the collaboration programs, please contact Lauren James at