Designed for recruitment optimization, innovation, and research (on recruitment methodology).

Functions include:

  • Serve as a comprehensive resource for Georgia CTSA investigators and study teams

  • Conduct high-impact research on recruitment within Georgia CTSA  

  • Provide local recruitment strategies for CTSA Trial Innovation Network and Georgia CTSA-supported trials

  • Liaison with

  • Contact us to ask a question or make a request related to recruiting participants for your study

  • Schedule a Studio Consultation to receive targeted support for all aspects of your trial


How to Publicize Your Trial and Find Eligible Patients:

  • Learn how to register your trial on
  • Learn more about how to find eligible participants with Research Match
  • Query the Emory Healthcare system for patient counts using i2b2
  • Access a national network of academic medical research centers and generate aggregate patient count data using the ACT Network


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