Georgia CTSA Match – Connect with Experts in Your Field
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September 16, 2022


Georgia CTSA Match – Connect with Experts in Your Field

Looking to connect with experts in your field? Join Georgia CTSA Match that encourages meaningful networking and collaboration! This new platform will enable you to connect and communicate with researchers who have similar interests to help move your research forward. Meet new potential collaborators across the Georgia CTSA, cultivate ideas, and utilize as a catalyst for future collaborations and research opportunities. Discover more & Join Now!

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Georgia Bio Innovation Summit – Poster and Presenter Submissions Due Monday

The Innovation Summit showcases Georgia’s leadership in innovation, from basic research to manufacturing, to improve the health and well-being of people, animals, and the environment. Please stop by the Georgia CTSA & Emory OTT exhibitor table at the Mercedes Benz Stadium on October 11! Apply to present or submit a poster by September 19. Accepted applicants will compete for a cash prize and all receive complimentary access to the Summit.

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Funding (* New Opportunities)

NIH Funding Opportunities Specific to COVID-19

This page contains a listing of active and expired funding opportunities specific to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

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* NIH Environmental influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO) Program Funding Opportunity Announcements – Due Dates Vary

These FOAs will invite applications to extend and expand the capacity of the ECHO Cohort to further investigate the roles of a broad range of early exposures from society to biology, including the preconception period, across ECHO’s five key child health outcome areas—pre-, peri- and postnatal, upper and lower airways, obesity, neurodevelopment, and positive health—among diverse populations.

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Corporate and Foundation Funding Opportunities – Due Dates Vary

New funding opportunities from American Lung Association, National Scleroderma Foundation, Alpha-1 Foundation, Pfizer, and March of Dimes. Please contact Gayathri Srinivasan if you have any questions, concerns or would like to pursue any of these opportunities further. NOTE: The Funding Opportunities link is for Emory faculty, researchers, and staff only and can only be accessed through an email address.

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Georgia CTSA Pilot Grants Program: Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19 or Long COVID – Due October 3

Emory has received a commitment from a donor to support seed grants for studies of Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC) or Long COVID. We are soliciting proposals that generate preliminary data and refine research strategies for subsequent extramural grant applications. Studies can involve basic, translational, or clinical studies of any aspect of PASC or Long COVID.

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CFAR-HBCU Collaborative Award for Research Exchange Program – LOIs Due October 3

Are you an early-stage HIV investigator or independent investigator who is new to HIV research at an Atlanta-area HBCU? The Emory CFAR invites you to apply for a one-year pilot award of up to $50K for research projects that aim to advance HIV prevention, treatment, care, and/or cure strategies.

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I3 Venture Research Awards – Due October 4

Emory SOM is soliciting innovative research proposals to catalyze promising early-stage concepts with commercial potential that do not yet qualify for funding from external sources. Grants will be considered for proposals from Emory faculty with potential to shape, de-risk, or scale up a potential new drug or technology in medicine (diagnostic, therapeutic, device or software) in less than one year. If successful, the proposal would ready the project for the next stage of translation (not necessarily to market readiness). Particularly creative ideas, even without preliminary data, will be considered provided compelling impact, feasibility and commercial potential is demonstrated.

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Social Justice and the Socially Engaged Arts Funding Program – Due October 15

Emory University Office of the Provost is pleased to announce a new research funding program in the broad areas of social justice and the socially engaged arts. This opportunity, open to full-time faculty of any rank from all of Emory, seeks proposals of compelling new ideas for research or scholarly works. Proposals can address work that aligns with a single topic area or work that integrates efforts across multiple areas and must include a clear plan for using these seed funds to create a (mostly) self-sustaining signature initiative at Emory.

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NIH RADx® Tech for Maternal Health Challenge – Due November 1

The National Institutes of Health will soon launch the Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics Technology (RADx® Tech) for Maternal Health Challenge, a competition offering up to $8 million in cash prizes to accelerate the development of technologies to improve maternal health outcomes for those who live in areas lacking access to maternity care. The challenge will prioritize home-based or point-of-care diagnostic devices, wearables, and other remote sensing technologies to extend care and improve health outcomes during the postpartum period.

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* Long COVID Computational Challenge (L3C) – Due December 15

To complement the National Institutes of Health (NIH) other Long COVID research initiatives, the RADx-Radical (RADx-rad) program at the NIH is launching the Long COVID Computational Challenge (L3C) designed to support creative data-driven solutions that meaningfully advance the current understanding of the risks of developing PASC/Long COVID. Join the challenge to develop, train, and test models to aid in predicting the susceptibility to and likelihood of developing PASC/Long COVID in patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection. Register for the webinar on September 21.

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Fall Soft Lithography for Microfluidics Short Course - September 22 & 23

The Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology at Georgia Tech will offer a short course on “Soft Lithography for Microfluidics”. This course module is designed for individuals interested in hands-on training in the fabrication of microfluidic devices using the soft lithography technique. Register by September 20.

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Research Resources

Grant Wise

Would you like an experienced grant writer to help provide guidance for your grant? The Georgia CTSA Grant Wise service offers the opportunity for one-on-one feedback from experienced senior faculty on grant writing. Receive support with developing a timeline, reviewing specific aims, writing/editing the text, and responding to reviewers. Grant Wise is available to faculty of institutions within the Georgia CTSA - Emory, Georgia Tech, MSM, & UGA.

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Georgia CTSA Match

Looking to connect with experts in your field? Join the new Georgia CTSA Match! The platform encourages meaningful networking and collaboration by pairing researchers based on similar interests. These matches will help you to build networking opportunities acting as a catalyst to spur your research forward. Discover more and Join Now!

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Georgia CTSA Ethical Dilemma of the Week

Mentoring: An Instance of Fraud (PDF)
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Innovation & Translation

Emory SOM Innovation Forum

Emory SOM is planning an innovation forum for the fall with the goal of creating a culture of open cross-pollination that could lead to exciting collaborations and innovations. The initial pilot forum will focus on the topic of medical devices and include speakers from Emory and Georgia Tech. Guest speakers from Emory SOM will present an unmet medical need and/or clinical challenge and a Georgia Tech speaker will share an emerging technology with the potential for clinical application. Presentations will be followed by a discussion session in which ideas are shared and collaborative partnerships can be developed. Are you a clinician with an unmet clinical need or challenge who would like to present at an upcoming forum? Do you know of other potential speakers? Contact Allie Crouch .



RADx COVID-19 Research Testing Site at Executive Park

Emory, Georgia Tech, and Children’s are working with NIH’s Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics (RADx) program to evaluate and bring more COVID tests to market and recently opened a new COVID testing site at 59 Executive Park South NE. Symptomatic individuals who agree to participate in the research will receive a $50 gift card and no cost PCR COVID test. Learn more .


RECOVER: Researching COVID to Enhance Recovery

Help us better understand the long-term effects of COVID-19! If you or someone in your family recently had COVID, or are feeling the long-term effects of COVID, you might be able to help us understand more about it and how to treat it. Those who have not had COVID are also encouraged to participate.

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Team Sciences Skill Series: Crash Course on Team Science – TODAY

The Team Science Skill Series offers interactive workshops biannually. The first workshop, Crash Course on Team Science, is Friday, September 16 from 12:00 – 2:00 PM via Zoom. This workshop aims to develop the skills necessary to build and maintain your research team by leveraging existing teams’ research. Register now for this workshop that will cover the basics of team science and follow up by deeper dives via past workshops featured online.


GLUE Webinar – September 19

Join us via Zoom at 12:00 pm for a session on “Bringing Engineers & Clinicians Together to Explore Microchip Applications in Healthcare”. Attend this session to learn about new technologies being developed by engineers, including Dr. Farrokh Ayazi and Dr. Hong Yeo, and join in a discussion regarding potential clinical applications applicable to a wide variety of disciplines including cardiology, pulmonology, neurology, orthopedics, rheumatology, nephrology, urology, and ENT.


Emerging Technologies in the Medical Device Industry – September 23

Join us via Zoom from 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm EST for the Regulatory Science Symposium: Emerging Technologies in the Medical Device Industry.

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Emory SCORE SexMatters RIP – September 28

Join us virtually from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm for a seminar on “Prevalence of heavy menstrual bleeding and associations with physical health and well-being in 10 low- and middle-income country settings” with Sheela Sinharoy, PhD and “Transcriptomic and functional analysis of rectal mucosal immune cells among cisgender and transgender individuals” with S. Abigail Smith, PhD.


NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy Webinar – September 29

Join us at 2:00 PM for an overview of the upcoming NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing. Attendees will be able to ask questions and present ideas/concerns about how Emory can support researchers to meet this policy.


CCNR Seminar – October 3

Join us in-person at Emory Children’s Center Conference Room 302 from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM for a seminar on “Neurobehavioral Consequences of Viral Infections in Nonhuman Primates” with guest speaker Jessica Raper, PhD. Lunch is provided. Register by September 30.


CGHI Innovation Summit – October 11

Call for presenters and poster abstracts: Apply to present by September 19. For more than 20 years, Georgia Bio has presented Georgia's premier bioscience and medtech conference welcoming 500+ CEOs, senior executives, scientists and public policy officials from Georgia and across the nation. Join us at Mercedes Benz Stadium as we showcase Georgia’s leadership in innovation, from basic research to manufacturing, to improve the health and well-being of people, animals and the environment. Learn more details on how to submit an abstract online.

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International Association of Clinical Research Nurses (IACRN) Conference – October 17-19

The IACRN annual conference offers clinical research nurses (CRNs) the opportunity to build on current knowledge, share personal experience, and network with national and international CRN colleagues while addressing the educational needs of the CRN. The dynamic and complex global landscape of clinical research has an impact on the professional development activities for CRNs. The 2022 conference will focus on advancement in clinical research nursing through cultivating and building the specialty practice.

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Speed Networking: AI Health – October 20

Join faculty across Georgia CTSA for an energetic and dynamic virtual networking session from 4:00 – 6:00 PM via Zoom! Emory SOM Dean Sukhatme will emcee as attendees present their research in 3 minutes with goal of seeking new collaborators. Featured Speaker is Anant Madabhushi , PhD, a global leader in developing AI to improve outcomes for individuals with cancer and other diseases. Presenter slots are limited, so register early. Non-presenters are welcome to collaborate.

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Mentoring Up: Resources for Success in Research Integrity – October 26 & 27

Supportive mentoring is critical in ensuring a positive climate which fosters diversity, integrity, and robust research. The Big Ten Academic Alliance Responsible Conduct of Research Collaborative (BTAA-RCR Collaborative) invites you to participate in a free two-day virtual conference providing insights into beneficial mentoring to support the needs of mentors, mentees, and research institutions.

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2022 Emory Integrated Core Facilities Core Day - November 15

Join us in person in Convocation Hall at Emory University from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM for Core Day 2022 – core science talks, poster sessions, keynote speakers, and more will be in store!

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Medical Device Regulations Conference – November 15-17

Medical device manufacturers and innovators, regulatory and quality assurance professionals, regulators and academics are invited to attend the 9th Annual UGA/FDA Medical Device Regulations Conference. This conference is co-sponsored by the FDA and UGA’s International Biomedical Regulatory Sciences program. Register by October 12 and save $100.

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How to Incorporate Sex as a Biological Variable (SABV) in Your Research – December 7

Join us via Zoom from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm for the 3rd Annual Workshop on How to Incorporate Sex as a Biological Variable (SABV) in Your Research with Carolyn Mazure, PhD. Register and submit an abstract or for additional conference information. The deadline to submit an abstract is October 24, 2022.

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2023 Southeast Regional Clinical & Translational Science Conference – March 1-3 (Abstracts Due: November 7)

Mark your calendar and plan to join us in 2023 as we bring together researchers from across the region to present the best new health-related preclinical, clinical, implementation, and population-based research and build collaborative relationships! Researchers working across the southeast are invited to submit an abstract by November 7. Read Call for Abstracts .

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For more information on Georgia Clinical & Translational Science Alliance (Georgia CTSA), please visit the Georgia CTSA website . Do you have news, seminars, or events of interest to clinical and translational researchers? Send them to by noon on Thursday. To suggest subscribers or unsubscribe to the listserv please email .

Please include the following citation in any publications resulting from direct or indirect Georgia CTSA support, "Supported by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number UL1TR002378. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health." KL2 Scholars should also list KL2TR002381 and TL1 Trainees should also list TL1TR002382.

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