Georgia Clinical & Translational Science Alliance (Georgia CTSA) Certificate Program in Translational Research (CPTR)

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About the program

The Certificate Program in Translational Research (CPTR) is a formal 16-credit Emory Laney Graduate School program for trainees who seek to conduct research at the interface between basic and translational science and clinical medicine. Despite the explosive growth in biomedical knowledge, it has been increasingly difficult to translate this knowledge and discovery into applications for the treatment of disease and to benefit human health by addressing gaps between biology and medicine and promoting multidisciplinary team science. The CPTR enhances and transforms translational research training for predoctoral PhD and PharmD students, postdoctoral fellows (PhD, PharmD or MD) and junior faculty at Emory University (Emory), Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM), Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), and the University of Georgia (UGA) College of Pharmacy.

CPTR trainees may elect to take the course work over a single year or spread the work over two years (which is often a preferred option for PhD students or PhD postdocs to minimize time out of the laboratory).  The program was originally designed so that it would not add time to attain the degree for PhD graduate students, in contrast to the full MSCR, which adds an additional year to graduation for predoctoral students in the dual degree programs (PhD/MSCR or MD/MSCR).


Predoctoral CPTR eligibility

  • Graduate students: PhD-level graduate students from all four Georgia CTSA partner institutions may apply in the subsequent year after passing comprehensive examinations at their institutions.
  • PharmD students: Predoctoral trainees enrolled in the UGA College of Pharmacy may apply to the CPTR program after their second year of training.

Postdoctoral CPTR eligibility:

  • Postdoctoral fellows with PhD, PharmD or equivalent degrees: Postdoctoral fellows from Emory, MSM, Georgia Tech and UGA may apply at any at any point in their postdoctoral training. Those enrolled in UGA- or Emory-based PharmD residency programs are also eligible to apply.
  • Physician postdoctoral fellows: Postdoctoral physicians, including senior residents and those in clinical/research specialty fellowship programs who will have protected time for CPTR may apply at any at any point in their postdoctoral training at Emory University School of Medicine and MSM.
  • Faculty:  Physician and non-physician faculty members of all academic levels from all four GaCTSA partner institutions who will have protected time and tuition support for CPTR training may apply.