The goal of the Georgia CTSA is to help move more innovations to more patients more quickly. This translational process involves developing awareness and skills in many areas not traditionally taught in an academic environment. To help fill these gaps, the CTSA now offers a wide range of services, courses, and events to expand investigators’ understanding of innovation, entrepreneurship and what it takes to commercialize their ideas.

Below is a list of initiatives offered by the CTSA which you can learn more about and register for if you are affiliated with Emory, GA Tech, Morehouse School of Medicine, or UGA:

Innovation Trailhead

Are you totally new to the industry and not sure where to start with taking your idea to market? This one-on-one consulting service offers you early-stage guidance on how to start thinking about commercialization.

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Bench2Market Talks

Want to learn more about key issues and topics related to entrepreneurship and commercialization of medical technologies and services? The CTSA has partnered with Biolocity, a philanthropic, multi-institutional program that accelerates the commercialization of medical technologies with intellectual property held at Emory University and/or Georgia Institute of Technology, to provide this series. Join us each month for an engaging in-person learning session at either Emory or GA Tech.

Click here to see the list of talks and register to attend. See previous sessions on Customer Discovery, Go to Market Strategy, Intellectual property, and more!



Have you refined your idea, collected data, and are ready to think about how to work with the FDA to get your product approved for consumer use? This 3-tier consulting service will help you create a regulatory strategy to smooth your path to approval and avoid costly roadblocks.

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Need help finding funding for your early-stage commercial concept? This service provides SBIR and STTR grant writing support from faculty who have learned how to get successfully funded. In addition, the CTSA offers 2 annual pilot grants to investigators who plan to apply for SBIR/STTR funding.

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Do you have an idea for a mobile app that you would like to hatch? Have you done a market analysis and you have a development plan? Producing a mobile application, whether internal or consumer-facing, is a complex process and the Georgia CTSA offers consulting to set you on the right path.

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Kauffman FastTrac® TechVenture™

This is a 6-day entrepreneur training course designed to help technology/science-based entrepreneurs grow a great idea into a successful business. The CTSA offers this course in partnership with the Emory Office of Technology Transfer.

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Medical Innovation Residency Track

Currently offered to Emory residents, this 24-month track will provide participants with a foundation of knowledge to participate in entrepreneurship and design for innovating technologies. Click here to learn more about the Emory program. 

To explore ways to offer a similar track at your institution, please contact