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Establishing and maintaining a productive research team is a difficult challenge across all stages of an academic career. The science of good teamwork is universal, from incorporating graduate students and post-docs to your first research team to crossing-boundaries in the creation and maintenance of an interdisciplinary expert team. We offer a workshop that aims to develop the skills necessary to build and maintain your research team by leveraging research on existing teams.


Team Science Skills Series

Upcoming Workshop Sessions:

September 25 - Team Selection and Newcomer Integration

October 16 - Team Formation and Development

November 13 - Effective Communication

January 15 - Developing Trust and Psychological Safety

February 19 - Leading Teams

March 19 - Managing, Leveraging, and Mitigating Conflict 

April 23 - Coordinating Multiple-Related Teams

May 21 - Evaluating and Improving Team Performance


Previous Workshop Sessions:

The Science of Team Science Webinar


To learn more about an upcoming session or have a general question about Team Science workshops, please contact Lauren James at


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