Evaluation & Continuous Improvement

The Evaluation & Continuous Improvement (ECI) program is the data and evaluation arm of Georgia CTSA charting the impact of our hub's activities, helping to identify challenges in progress and develop recommendations for informed decision-making through evaluation data. We aim to set strategic directions for our alliance through assessing the advancement and impact of the Georgia CTSA on local, regional, and national clinical and translational science.

Members of the ECI team include:

  • Eric Nehl, Ph.D. (Emory University)
  • Nikki Llewellyn, Ph.D. (Emory University)
  • Amber Weber, MPH (Emory University)
  • Supriya Reddy, Ph.D., MPH (Morehouse School of Medicine)
  • Amanda Abraham, Ph.D. (University of Georgia)

ECI regularly employs innovative approaches, including advanced bibliometric techniques, network analysis, geospatial analysis, web data extraction, and web applications, to perform evaluation activities.

Additional key functions of ECI include annual strategic planning for each core and function, dissemination of evaluation reports to Georgia CTSA leadership and oversight committees, and the development and adoption of innovative evaluation metrics and techniques (including the Common Metrics) to produce a comprehensive, data-rich assessment of progress and impact throughout Georgia.

Examples of our current projects involve quantitative and qualitative analysis of the scope and research impact of our Georgia CTSA Pediatrics program and of our larger alliance as a whole. Additionally, we are assessing Georgia CTSA's role in supporting investigators through the technology transfer process and reaching successful patenting of an invention.

Past projects have focused on evaluating the outcomes of Georgia CTSA-supported pilot program projects, as well as evaluating the needs of investigators engaging in the Georgia CTSA-supported K-Club program, aimed to provide educational support to fellows and faculty who seek additional career development award funding. The results of these evaluation projects can be found below.

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Bibliometric publications authored by the Evaluation & Continuous Improvement program:

Internal Reports

Bibliometric reports produced by the Evaluation & Continuous Improvement program:


Poster Presentations

ECI team presenting Enhancing Health Equity within the Georgia CTSA: Identifying Programmatic Opportunities for Increasing URM Faculty Support research at the 2023 Southeast Regional Conference.

Bibliometric posters presented by the Evaluation & Continuous Improvement program:

Other Evaluation Research Projects


Publications authored by the Evaluation & Continuous Improvement program:

Internal Reports

Internal reports produced by the Evaluation & Continuous Improvement program:

Poster Presentations

Posters presented by the Evaluation & Continuous Improvement program:


Eric J. Nehl, PhD



Nikki Llewellyn, PhD


Amber Weber, MPH


Supriya Reddy, PhD, MPH


Amanda Abraham, PhD