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157560840000012-06-2019 Smartphone App to Detect Anemia Quickly and Painlessly Co-Developed by Georgia CTSA Innovation Catalyst Director Discovery scienceAdv spotlight T4
155625120000004-26-2019 Georgia CTSA-supported Research Highlighted in New PBS Program Discovery scienceAdv spotlight T2
152773920000005-31-2018 Curious about the business case for your translational science? Training spotlight T4
152592480000005-10-2018 Georgia CTSA-supported Teams Win Georgia Tech Capstone Design Expo Training scienceAdv T4
152471520000004-26-2018 Georgia CTSA-supported Finding in NEJM Challenges Asthma Common Practice Training scienceAdv T4
154346760000011-29-2018 Georgia CTSA's Community Engagement Program Joins Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital Raising Cancer Awareness Community spotlight T4
152203680000003-26-2018 Georgia CTSA @ the 2018 Atlanta Science Festival Community spotlight T4
151806600000002-08-2018 Georgia CTSA Request for Community Grant Writing Academy Applicants-Due Thursday Community T4
154467720000012-13-2018 Georgia CTSA-supported Research at UGA Featured in NIH Director's Blog Discovery scienceAdv T2
153551520000008-29-2018 From Basement to Bench to Bedside Innovations supported by Georgia CTSA's Innovation Catalyst program Discovery scienceAdv T4
150605280000009-22-2017 Georgia Clinical & Translational Science Alliance receives $51 million NIH state-wide grant Discovery spotlight T4
150397920000008-29-2017 ACTSI-supported Start-up Update: NeurOp Commercialization spotlight T4
149317920000004-26-2017 Update: Past InVenture Prize Winners Launch Concussion Innovation Commercialization scienceAdv T4
150881760000010-24-2017 Two New R01 Awards will Develop Methods of Alleviating Kidney Transplant Disparities Training scienceAdv T3
149801760000006-21-2017 Former KL2 scholar receives two NIH R01 grants for HIV research Training spotlight T2
148592520000002-01-2017 Catching Up with Capstone Training scienceAdv T4
151296840000012-11-2017 Lessons Learned from Three Models that Use Small Grants for Building Academic-Community Partnerships for Research Community scienceAdv T4
151115400000011-20-2017 Georgia CTSA Community-engaged Research Facilitation Survey for Academic Researchers & Faculty-Due Friday Community T4
150700320000010-03-2017 Update: Translation to Practice of an Intervention to Promote Colorectal Cancer Screening Among African Americans Community scienceAdv T4
150631200000009-25-2017 Science Advance: Association Between Living in Food Deserts & Cardiovascular Risk, an Atlanta Study Community scienceAdv T2
150285600000008-16-2017 Be a Clinical Research Volunteer-Who Me?-I am Healthy!! Community spotlight T4
149136480000004-05-2017 Nursing, Pharmacy, Canines, Helicopters - KIDS Georgia Career Expo Community spotlight T4
148834440000003-01-2017 KIDS Georgia wins Most Creative Presentation at the International Children's Advisory Network (iCAN) Research Summit in Barcelona Community spotlight T4
148773960000002-22-2017 ACTSI Community Engagement Research Program: Three Models of Community Engagement Community T4
148713480000002-15-2017 Bridging the Community-Academic Divide in Community-based Participatory Research: An Evaluation Community scienceAdv T4
148480200000001-19-2017 Georgia Magazine: Partners in STEM Community T4
148549320000001-27-2017 Community & Academic Partnerships in Research: What Makes Them Work?-January 27 Community T4
150700320000010-03-2017 Collaborators Needed: Point-of-care Microsystems-based Diagnostics for Cardiac, Pulmonary, Hematologic, &/or Sleep Disorders-Due Tuesday Discovery T4
150337440000008-22-2017 CTSA Offers Study Design for Belatacept Clinical Trial Discovery scienceAdv T3
150095520000007-25-2017 A collaborative project with Georgia CTSA's biostatistics program & Emory Renal Medicine faculty drastically cuts infection in hemodialysis patients Discovery scienceAdv T2
149257440000004-19-2017 New Web Resource: Innovation & Translation Ecosystem Commercialization spotlight T4
149076000000003-29-2017 ACTSI-supported Clinical Trial now FDA-approved to treat Muscular Dystrophy Discovery scienceAdv T4
149438880000005-10-2017 PHOTOS-From Sensors to Big Data: Personalized & Population Health in the Digital Age Commercialization T4
148532040000001-25-2017 Vitamin D deficiency associated with oxidative stress response to illness in critically ill children Discovery scienceAdv T2
147935880000011-17-2016 Emory/Georgia Tech Coulter Program Recruiting Submissions for Annual Funding Cycle-Due January 20 Training T4
146233440000005-04-2016 ACTSI Investigators Contribute to Updated Sepsis Definition Discovery scienceAdv T4
145879200000003-24-2016 A Call for Investigator-Initiated Seed Grants in Healthcare Innovation-LOI Due April 15 Discovery spotlight T3
145767240000003-11-2016 ACTSI Supports Inventure Prize Finalist-Watch Live Discovery scienceAdv T4
145568520000002-17-2016 ACTSI Investigator Dr. David Rye in the News Discovery T4
146596320000006-15-2016 KL2 Scholar Studies Effect of Vitamin D Status on Hospital-Acquired Infections in Critically Ill Adults Training spotlight T2
152169120000003-22-2018 Proven Faculty Entrepreneur Training Course: Kauffman FastTracĀ® TechVenture 2018-Apply by Thursday Training T4
146000160000004-07-2016 ACTSI Scholar Links Severe Anemia to Intestinal Disease Risk in Premature Infants Training scienceAdv T2
145689480000003-02-2016 KL2 Scholar Studies Inflammation's Effects on Weakened Reward Circuits in Depression Training scienceAdv T1
145568520000002-17-2016 ACTSI Trainee Joins Emory Faculty Training spotlight T1
148177800000012-15-2016 CTSI Discovery Radio Community T4
146846880000007-14-2016 ACTSI Supports PCORI Award for Community Engagement Research Community spotlight T4
146535840000006-08-2016 ACTSI Researchers Awarded NIH Grant for Science Education Community spotlight T4
145577160000002-18-2016 ACTSI Community Academic Research Partnerships Dissemination Pilot Recipients Community scienceAdv T4
146907360000007-21-2016 ACTSI Investigators Study Effects of Vitamin D Administration in Critically Ill Adults Discovery scienceAdv T2
146484000000006-02-2016 ACTSI Investigators Find that Arterial Stiffness may Predict Cognitive Decline in Healthy Adults Discovery scienceAdv T2
146414880000005-25-2016 ACTSI Studio Helps to Develop a Screening Tool for Prehospital Recognition of Sepsis Discovery spotlight T2
146354400000005-18-2016 ACTSI Investigators Find Association between Excess Adiposity and Lower Lung Function in Adults with Cystic Fibrosis Discovery scienceAdv T2
146172960000004-27-2016 Drug Improves Long-Term Outcomes in Kidney Transplant Patients Discovery scienceAdv T3
146112480000004-20-2016 Science Advance: Early Antibiotic Use for Preschool Children with Recurrent Wheezing Discovery scienceAdv T2
145931040000003-30-2016 ACTSI Multi-site Study Finds Association between Expiratory Central Airway Collapse & Poor Respiratory Outcomes in Smokers Discovery scienceAdv T2
145870560000003-23-2016 Emory's New IACUC MOU for Research Collaboration Discovery spotlight T1
145551240000002-15-2016 Academic Health Centers & the Health of their Communities-Today Discovery T4