Commercialization Services

The goal of the Georgia CTSA is to help move more innovations to more patients more quickly. This translational process involves developing awareness and skills in many areas not traditionally taught in an academic environment. To help fill these gaps, Georgia CTSA's Innovation Catalyst program offers a wide range of services, courses, and events to expand investigators’ understanding of innovation, entrepreneurship and what it takes to commercialize their ideas.

Below is a list of initiatives offered by Georgia CTSA which you can learn more about and register for if you are affiliated with Emory, Georgia Tech, Morehouse School of Medicine, or UGA:

Medical Innovation Residency Track

Currently offered to Emory residents, this 24-month track will provide participants with a foundation of knowledge to participate in entrepreneurship and design for innovating technologies. Learn more about the Emory program.

To explore ways to offer a similar track at your institution, please contact Morgan Greenleaf.