Coordinating Center

The Georgia Clinical & Translational Science Alliance (Georgia CTSA) Coordinating Center is a virtual “front door” for research facilitation in Georgia. The center expedites discovery of the vast Georgia CTSA resources. We support you with navigation to existing resources within and external to the Georgia CTSA.

Within the Georgia CTSA there are 17 different programs across 4 academic institutions and multiple healthcare systems.

We are in partnership with researchers at Emory University, Georgia Tech, Morehouse School of Medicine, the University of Georgia, and the national CTSA consortium.

Services Provided

Support may be provided in at least three levels:

Level 1 - Direct Referral

- Examples: We need help with biostatistics, recruiting, or to find partners in the community

Level 2 - Ask a Navigator for Help

- Example: I need help navigating the regulatory and approval processes at your own Georgia CTSA institution

-Example: We would like to connect with other Georgia CTSA partners

- Examples: I would like to connect with other (national) CTSA partners through the Trial Innovations Network

Level 3 - Studio Referral

- Examples: Georgia CTSA will facilitate a group consultation with the experts regarding
  • Hypothesis Generation
  • Study Design
  • Implementation
  • Analysis and Interpretation
  • Translation
  • Manuscript Development


Karen A. Lindsley, DNP, RN, CDE, CCRC