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The Recruitment Center provides local recruitment strategies for CTSA Trial Innovation Network and Georgia CTSA-supported trials.

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Recruitment Consultation
Request a consultation and talk to the Recruitment Center to discuss developing a recruitment plan, strategizing about recruitment methods, designing recruitment materials and advertisements, advertising on social media, and more.

Studio Consultation
Request a consultation to receive targeted support across several CTSA programs for all aspects of your trial.

Recruitment Services

Social Media Advertisement
The Recruitment Center will create, launch, and manage ad campaigns for your research study on social media sites, primarily Facebook and Instagram.

Patient Advisory Panel Consultation (coming soon!)
A panel of patients at Emory and Grady can provide feedback on recruitment methods, study documents and advertising materials, and other aspects of your study.
A free resource that allows you to query and contact a national database of eligible research volunteers for your study.

MyChart Research Recruitment
MyChart Research Recruitment program enables study teams to send study participation invites in bulk to Emory patients. The Recruitment Center works with study teams to create queries against Epic’s Clarity Database which are used to find patients who meet most of a study’s inclusion criteria and links the data to Epic’s Reporting Workbench platform to initiate messaging. Currently in the Pilot Phase.

Local Cohort Identification
We provide consultations to help researchers leverage various informatics tools to identify potential study participants. With expertise in Reporting Workbench, Caboodle, Clarity, Emory’s Healthcare Analytics Platform, and legacy Clinical Data Warehouse we can help researchers get the right data for their projects.

Epic SlicerDicer is a self-service reporting tool that enables clinicians to parse local populations of patient data stored in Epic Caboodle. Users can find the data they need to investigate a explore ideas, and then refine or reformulate their searches on the fly to better understand their populations. Beyond a broad patient data model, there are models for billing, decision support, ED encounters, imaging, and laboratory data.

Learn how to explore large cohorts of patients for study multisite feasibility assessment or ongoing research. Cosmos has a broad representation of the US population and includes most of the same structured data found in Emory’s local Epic instance including inpatient, outpatient, laboratory, demographic, and longitudinal data.

Morehouse School of Medicine Recruitment Services

  • Mobile Fleet: RV and Sprinter
  • Engagement Planning and Training
  • Outreach
    • Engagement Specialists
    • Digital Engagement: Marketing Automation, Email, SMS, Virtual Events, and Survey/Forms
  • Reporting and Analytics

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Clinical Trials Resources

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See a list of active and currently recruiting trials at Morehouse School of Medicine.

Clinical Trials at Emory
See a list of active and currently recruiting trials at Emory.

Emory IRB Recruitment Guide
A guide from the Emory IRB about recruitment of research participants.

Trial Innovation Network Recruitment & Retention Toolkit
Useful tools for recruitment and retention for research studies. Instructions
Learn how to register your trial on