Pilot Grant Recipients - Round #116 SOM I3 Research (3/2022)

4 awards funded, $825,000 total

  • Bioflow: A Novel Anti-Occlusion Drainage Catheter
    • Zachary Bercu (Radiology and Imaging Sciences)
    • John T. Moon (Radiology and Imaging Sciences)
  • Building an Emory Initiative for Health Equity Research to Reduce Health Disparities in Georgia (TURNING- HealTh EqUity Research INitiative IN Georgia)
    • Theresa Gillespie (Surgery)
    • Randi Smith (Surgery)
    • Joseph Lipscomb (Health Policy & Management, RSPH)
  • Deciphering the cause of neurodegenerative diseases using multi-omic organelle phenotyping
    • Thomas Kukar (Pharmacology & Chemical Biology)
  • TUNeS-SR: TUnable Nanomechanical Sensor with Specimen Recovery for continuous, real-time pathogen detection
    • Jesse Waggoner (Medicine)
    • Yonggang Ke (Biomedical Engineering)
    • David R. Myers (Biomedical Engineering)