Pilot Grant Recipients - Round #136 SOM I3/Atlanta VA Research (8/2023)

6 awards funded, $150,000 total

  • Testing convergent biology across schizophrenia risk variants in forebrain cortical organoids
    • Gary Bassell (Cell Biology) and Erica Duncan (Atlanta VA Medical Center)
  • Data-Driven Individual-Specific ‘Gait Signatures’ for diagnosis and rehabilitation of mobility deficits in older adults with cognitive impairments
    • Madeleine Hackney (Atlanta VA Medical Center), Trisha Kesar (Rehabilitation Medicine) and Lena Ting (BME)
  • Seroepidemiology of emerging vector-borne diseases
    • Anne Piantadosi (Pathology and Laboratory Sciences) and Lauren Epstein (Atlanta VA Medical Center)
  • Investigating the Novel Role of Pendrin in the Regulation of Renal BK Channel
    • Susan Wall (Medicine) and Hui Cai (Atlanta VA Medical Center)
  • Evaluation of high frequency multi-directional transverse oscillation ultrasound for assessment of spinal cord perfusion after spinal cord injury using a clinically relevant pig model
    • Nicholas Au Yong (Neurosurgery) and Candace Floyd (Atlanta VA Medical Center)
  • AusculBand Pilot Study: Assessing the utility of a low cost, patient facing digital stethoscope for telemedicine use
    • Lorenzo Di Francesco (Medicine), Arash Harzand (Atlanta VA Medical Center) and Matthew Brown (Medicine)