Center for Health Discovery and Well Being Clinical Interaction Site: Available to all ACTSI Investigators

The 5,000-square foot Emory-GA Tech Center for Health Discovery and Well Being is located on the 18th floor of the Emory Midtown Medical Office Tower. The center is a hospital-based ACTSI Clinical Research Site and provides comprehensive support for clinical investigation with its various core resources and facilities. Physical, medical and lifestyle histories, and the results of up to 50 different blood and plasma tests that target known critical predictors of health and illness are collected from healthy participants at the center. Measures of inflammation, immune health, metabolic health, and DNA analysis for genes that confer risk are used to construct an integrated definition of current health that predicts future health. Participants in the Center for Health Discovery and Well Being also serve as research partners, providing new information on risk and participating in clinical trials that test predictive models and novel interventions. The scientific core is a joint Emory-Georgia Tech program collaborating with Georgia Tech's Health Systems Institute and systems biology program, the Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory, and several programs within Emory College and the Woodruff Health Sciences Center, including the Emory program in computational and life sciences. The Center for Health Discovery and Well Being provides the infrastructure necessary for Emory, MSM, and Georgia Tech faculty to conduct clinical research. For more information please click here. To learn how to submit a protocol click here.