ACTSI Clinical Interaction Site: Hope Clinic-Available to all ACTSI Investigators

The Hope Clinic offers an innovative, community based, and scientifically grounded clinical trials program to address the need for safe and effective vaccines to prevent major global infectious diseases. The site is a medical office-based ACTSI Clinical Interaction Site and provides comprehensive support for clinical investigation with its various core resources and facilities. The clinic creates a bridge between laboratory investigation and society, in which basic science is linked to community concerns. It offers a safe, respectful, volunteer-centered clinical environment for active investigation of vaccines and prevention technology that adheres to the highest ethical standards in clinical research. The Hope Clinic works closely with the Emory Center for AIDS Research and other local and national research organizations to understand immune system responses to vaccines and to help bring safe and effective vaccines into clinical practice. The Hope Clinic provides the infrastructure necessary for Emory, MSM, and Georgia Tech faculty to conduct clinical research. For more information please click here. To learn how to submit a protocol click here.