Georgia CTSA Clinical Research Centers Announces New Clinical Research Site

The Georgia CTSA Clinical Research Centers (GCRCs) is pleased to announce another new clinical research site, the Winship Cancer Institute Developmental Therapeutics Unit (DTU). The DTU focuses on the integration of translational science and patient care for those receiving novel antineoplastic agents specifically in phase I clinical trials that require close subject monitoring and blood sampling for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling.

Donald Harvey, PharmD serves as the director of the DTU and will join the GCRCs program director leadership team. GCRCs support for the DTU expands nursing, phlebotomy and sample processing and storage services to ACTSI investigators. If you are a clinical investigator and would like to utilize the DTU through a GCRC supported mechanism, please visit the ACTSI website, and follow the protocol submission instructions. If you have questions, please contact Dr. Harvey (404-778-4381 or or Debora Clem, GCRC Program Manager (404-712-1993 or

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