Grady Ponce Clinical Interaction Site: Available to all ACTSI Investigators

The Grady Ponce Clinic was established in 1993 in order to provide the infrastructure necessary to research the growing AIDS epidemic and provide specialized treatment. The Grady Ponce Clinic is a medical office-based ACTSI Clinical Interaction Site and is one of the largest and most comprehensive HIV treatment facilities in the country. In all, the infectious disease clinic provides care for approximately 4,000 patients. The center houses a primary care clinic for men and women, and a family clinic that treats mothers and their children. It also includes a dental clinic, a mental health clinic, a prenatal substance abuse clinic, a research area for clinical drug trials, and an infusion area where intravenous therapies are administered on an outpatient basis. A subspecialty clinic provides for consultations in ophthalmology, dermatology, neurology, hematology, and oncology. The research clinic, staffed by Emory physicians, nurses, and social workers, is one of the few sites in Atlanta that conducts AIDS clinical trials. This site is available to all investigators with an ACTSI-approved protocol. The center provides comprehensive support for clinical investigation with its various core resources and facilities. For more information please click here. To learn how to submit a protocol click here.