Biostatistical Collaboration in the Woodruff Health Sciences

Obtaining professional biostatistics and/or bioinformatics assistance and advice are essential components when designing a research study. An appropriate statistical design and analysis plan in addition to a sound data management plan and quality assurance strategy are crucial elements to preparing a competitive grant proposal, initiating a project, and completing follow-up.

If you are planning a clinical research protocol/proposal submit a request to the ACTSI's Biostatistics, Epidemiology, & Research Design (BERD) program. The BERD program works closely with the Biomedical Informatics Program (BIP) and the Clinical Interactions Network (CIN) to provide investigators with a coordinated "Studio" consultation. A Studio appointment will provide recommendations to investigators regarding the biostatistics, biomedical informatics, and clinical resources (and their interactions) necessary for a successful protocol proposal/project. BERD also provides investigators with input on statistical design and statistical analysis plans at the research proposal stage and limited support for short-term data analyses.