ACTSI Investigator Dr. Javed Butler in the News

Javed Butler, MD, MPH, ACTSI investigator, professor of cardiology, director of heart failure research, Emory University School of Medicine

Emory Medicine Magazine | Hustle and Flow
Winter 2010

Emory School of Medicine Dean’s Letter | Emory joins heart failure network
March 2012

Recent Publication: The QT interval and risk of incident atrial fibrillation. Heart Rhythm 2013; 10(10): 1562-1568.

Emory News Center | Emory awarded international grant for heart failure research
March 18, 2013

Lab Land | Dealing with huff-puff? Think HFpEF
October 25, 2013

Goizueta Announces Recipients of Dean’s Scholarship for Talented Leaders

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