ACTSI Investigator Dr. Mark Prausnitz in the News

Mark Prausnitz, PhD, ACTSI investigator, Regents’ Professor and Love Family Professor in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology 

Georgia Tech IBB, The Catalyst | Researchers Show Potential of Microneedles to Target Drugs to the Back of the Eye
October 2011

Georgia Tech IBB | Startup Launched from Georgia Tech-Emory University Research Receives $7.9 Million

Georgia Tech IBB, The Catalyst | Microneedle Patch May Advance World Measles Vaccination Effort
October 2011 

Microneedle vaccine patch boosts flu protection through robust skin cell immune response
March 6, 2012 

Prausnitz was awarded a 2012 Pediatric Research Center Pilot Grant for Laser-activated Nanoparticles for Targeted Drug Delivery to Retinoblastoma with Hans Grossniklaus, MD, MBA, Emory University 

Emory Eye | At the Back of the Eye at the Forefront of Innovation

Emory Eye | Emory and Georgia Tech partner on biomedical technology for retinal disorders 
January 7, 2013

Clearside Biomedical, a Georgia Tech spinout with aPrausnitz technology, was awarded a $250,000 Strategic Growth loan to partially fund a clinical study for first retinal disease product.