Kaiser Permanente to Launch a National BioBank

Three Kaiser regions currently have BioBanks linked to electronic medical record information. The Kaiser Permanente Georgia BioBank (KPGB) includes 1,000 samples from 300 pregnant women. Recruitment is ongoing and the team has achieved 85% participation from African American as well as Caucasian women. Blood and urine are collected in the first trimester as well as the late second trimester.

The launch of the KP National Biobank will support collection of specimens from the general population of Kaiser members as well as the pregnancy cohort. Kaiser currently supports two additional BioBanks - one in Northern California with approximately 150,000 samples and  a BioBank in Oregon with approximately 80,000 samples.

Investigators interested in access to specimens or health data must collaborate with a Kaiser investigator. Other Emory investigators are currently collaborating! Learn more about the Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Health Research-Southeast and the Kaiser Permanente Georgia BioBank (KPGB)Questions?  contact Michele Marcus, Assistant Program Director of the Center for Health Research, Southeast.