ACTSI Investigator Dr. Greg Martin in the News

Greg Martin, MD, MSc, ACTSI investigator and scholar, associate professor of medicine in Emory University School of Medicine and associate division director for critical care in the Division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care, chief of pulmonary and director of medical and coronary intensive care at Grady Memorial Hospital, program director for the ACTSI Clinical Research Network Emory University Hospital Midtown Site, and ACTSI Research Education, Training, and Career Development Executive Committee

ABC News | The Inquisitr | New pope had lung removed during childhood
March 13, 2013

Emory News Center | New Director Named for Center for Health Discovery & Well Being
September 25, 2012

Atlanta Journal-Constitution | Gregory Martin named director of Emory's Center for Health Discovery and Well Being
September 21, 2012

ABC's Good Morning America | Blood poisoning kills thousands, but no drugs to help
July 17, 2012

Martin received an award from Abbott Diagnostics to study patients at risk for sepsis to develop a diagnostic marker for the disease and is editor of the Open Access Journal of Clinical Trials.

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