CS584: mHealth Informatics: Affordable & Sustainable Healthcare Technologies Spring 2016, Thursdays 2-5pm

Are you interested in developing meaningful and impactful healthcare interventions in low resource environments? Do you want to learn how to work in interdisciplinary teams to build scalable mHealth systems? CS584 is a project-based course designed for engineers, computer scientists, medics and anthropologists, to work together to solve some of the most pressing health issues in the most disadvantaged communities around the world. Through group work and mentored design (from both faculty and NGO partners), we will take a project from conception to prototype, addressing the key barriers to successful deployment of scalable healthcare technologies in challenging environments and disadvantaged communities. 

This interdisciplinary course will provide an overview of the key issues involved in the introduction of sustainable healthcare technology in resource-constrained regions with a focus on mHealth informatics. The course combines lectures on critical concepts in affordable healthcare technology development and implementation, including context and needs evaluation, supply chain infrastructure and usability design, financial sustainability, and the ethics of low-cost healthcare provision, with practical learning. Through close faculty mentorship, small groups of students will work in mixed-discipline teams to create a solution to an identified real-world health problem.

Enrollment is extremely limited, by permission only, and likely to fill up fast. The course is open to students from Emory, Georgia Tech, Morehouse School of Medicine, Agnes Scott College, and other Atlanta Schools. If you are interested, please email a CV with current grades and courses taken so far, and a short note about what you are hoping to get from the course / why you want to take it to gari.clifford@emory.edu.

Course Syllabus