Please Consider Participating in the All of Us Research Program

The Georgia CTSA recently partnered with the All of Us Research Program. All of Us is a health research program funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Its goal is to help researchers better understand why people get sick or stay healthy. The mission of the All of Us Research Program is simple: to speed up health research and medical breakthroughs. To do this, All of Us is asking one million people from across the U.S. to share their health data and samples to build the one of the largest health database of its kind. You are invited to participate and share!

Georgia CTSA Clinical Research Center at Emory (GCRCs) 

Emory University Hospital, 1364 Clifton Rd, HG-03, Atlanta GA 30322 
Phone: 404-712-7632, email: 

Emory Cardiology 

Emory Clinic A, 1365 Clifton Rd, Suite AT400, Atlanta GA 30322 
Phone: 404-778-0594, email: 

Morehouse School of Medicine

Clinical Research Center, 720 Westview Dr SW, Atlanta GA 30310
Phone: 404-752-1120, email:

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