2022 Southeast Regional Clinical and Translational Science Conference Highlights

group of leaders
Southeast CTSA Leaders with NCATS Acting Director (L-R): Jennifer Croker, PhD, UAB CCTS; W. Robert Taylor, MD, PhD, Georgia CTSA/Emory; Wayne T. McCormack, PhD, UF CTSI; Andrés J. García, PhD, Georgia CTSA/Georgia Tech; Joni L. Rutter, PhD, NCATS; Bradley G. Phillips, PharmD, Georgia CTSA/UGA; Henry M. Blumberg, MD, Georgia CTSA/Emory; Duane A. Mitchell, MD, PhD, UF CTSI; Elizabeth O. Ofili, MD, MPH, Georgia CTSA/Morehouse School of Medicine; Olveen Carrasquillo, MD, MPH, Miami CTSI; Robert P. Kimberly, MD, UAB CCTS

Nearly 300 researchers across the Southeast presented the best new health-related preclinical, clinical, implementation, and population- based research. NCATS Acting Director Joni L. Rutter, PhD, remarked, “Great talks and posters showing impact on health equity and advancing translational science!” During the Keynote, ‘NCATS: Where Science Goes to Become Health’, Dr. Rutter added, “Without the CTSA Program, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Attendees collaborated from academic institutions including Augusta University, Emory, Florida State, Georgia State, Georgia Tech, Medical College of Georgia, Medical School of South Carolina, Mercer, Morehouse School of Medicine, UAB, UF, UGA, and University of Miami, and organizations such as Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Merck, and Rubhu Biologics.

In a post-conference survey, participants commented, “The conference provided support and encouragement for young investigators, valuable insight and guidance”, “I am encouraged to think more about new directions and collaborations for my research”, “We discussed submitting an abstract with another CTSA hub which may grow into further collaborations”, “I connected with multiple people to learn and work together”, and “It was valuable to see the diversity of work and diversity of presenters by educational level, race/ethnicity, and gender.”

At the end of the conference, Georgia CTSA recognized team science and presented abstract awards from over 100 poster presentations and over 30 oral abstract presentations.

Team Science Awards

  • 2021 Presidents’ Award of Distinction for Team Science – ‘IV Infiltration Detection Technologies Research Team’
    • Omer T. Inan, PhD, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), Georgia Tech
    • Kevin Maher, MD, Emory School of Medicine
    • Sherry Farrugia and Mike Fisher, MS, Global Center for Medical Innovation (Georgia Tech affiliate non-profit organization)
    • Samer Mabrouk, PhD, ECE, Georgia Tech
    • Leanne West, MS, Pediatric Technologies, Georgia Tech
    • Lynn Pogue, RN, and Amy Parker, RN, Vascular Access Team, Children’s
    • Zahidee (Saidie) Rodriguez, MD, Pediatric Intensivist, Children’s
      • Read more about their interdisciplinary collaboration
  • 2021 Georgia CTSA Team Science Award of Distinction for Early Stage Research Teams – ‘Georgia Tech-Emory Lymphatic Malformations Research Team’
    • J. Brandon Dixon, PhD, Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Tech
    • Jennifer M. Spangle, PhD, Radiation Oncology, Winship Cancer Institute, Emory School of Medicine
    • C. Matthew Hawkins, MD, Department of Radiology, Emory School of Medicine; Vascular Anomalies Clinic, Children’s
    • Rossana Sanchez Russo, MD, Department of Human Genetics, Emory School of Medicine
    • Michael Briones, DO, Department of Pediatrics, Emory School of Medicine; Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorder Center, Children’s
    • Andrew L. Hong, MD, Department of Pediatrics, Emory School of Medicine

Abstract Awards

  • Outstanding Oral Presentation Winner
    • Elizabeth A. Mosley, Georgia State University, ‘Improved Birth Outcomes from A Community-Based Pregnancy Support Program for Refugee Women in Clarkston, Georgia’

Poster Presentation Winners

  • Basic Research
    • Ahasanul Hasan, Mercer University, ‘Canagliflozin Stimulates Vasodilation in Resistance-Size Mesenteric Arteries by Activating Smooth Muscle Cell Voltage-Gated K+ (KV) Channels’
  • Pre- Clinical Research (Tie: 2 abstracts by same lead author)
    • Smital Rajan Patil, Mercer University, Tie: ‘Spike Glycoprotein Based Microparticulate Microneedle Subunit Vaccine For COVID-19’ and ‘Virus-Like Particle Encapsulated in Microparticles Delivered Via Dissolving Microneedle Produces A Robust Immune Response for Respiratory Syncytial Virus’
  • Clinical Research
    • Zoey Morton, Emory University, ‘Cumulative Hiv-1 Viremia Is Associated with Multimorbidity Among Women With HIV’
  • Dissemination and Implementation Research
    • Tabia Henry Akintobi, Morehouse School of Medicine, ‘Implications of The Impact of Social Vulnerability and Racial Disparity On COVID-19 Infection and Fatality Rates Among Georgian Patients on Approaches to Advancing Health Equity’
  • Public Health Research
    • Nidhi Shenoy, University of Georgia, ‘Interdisciplinary Study Involving Retrospective Patient Data and Experimental Analyses Reveal Neurodegeneration in Multiple Sclerosis’

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