Georgia CTSA Community Engagement Health Educator Receives Standing Ovation Award

health worker receiving award

Gail McCray, a community health educator for the Georgia CTSA, was awarded the inaugural Community Health Worker (CHW) Standing Ovation Award at the Georgia CHW Network Summit at Callaway Gardens. The bestowed accolade is granted to a CHW, CHW Advocate, or an entity that makes substantial contributions to the comprehensive advancement, progress, and welfare of the CHW labor force in the state of Georgia.

Ms. McCray received recognition for her exemplary performance in community engagement, forward-thinking leadership, and active promotion of the interests of various communities throughout the state of Georgia. For over three decades, she has played a pioneering role in advocating for CHWs through her extensive contributions at Morehouse School of Medicine, Prevention Research Center.

“Ms. McCray’s recognition is well-deserved, reflecting her dedication to advancing the essential roles of community health workers in advancing clinical and community-based research that is translated towards advancing health equity and justice. We continue to be proud of her contributions to the Georgia CTSA Community Engagement Program,” says Tabia Henry Akintobi, PhD, MPH, Georgia CTSA Community Engagement Director.