Georgia CTSA’s AppHatchery and Collaborators Receive Inclusivity, Diversity, and Equity Award (IDEAward)

researchers receiving an award
— Photos courtesy of Emory University Communications and Marketing

During Emory’s Office of Technology Transfer’s Annual Celebration of Technology and Innovation, the Inclusivity, Diversity, and Equity Award (IDEAward) for the development of the Low English Proficiency Nurse Communication Tool was awarded to Morgan Greenleaf and Santiago Arconada Alvarez, Emory SOM/Georgia CTSA AppHatchery; Wilbur Lam, MD, PhD, Emory SOM/Pediatrics/Georgia CTSA, Children’s; Christina Calamaro, PhD, Emory SON, Children’s; and Michael Fundora, MD, Emory SOM/Pediatrics, Children’s.

The application revolutionizes how nurses communicate with patients who have limited English language proficiency and their caregivers. The novel mobile app enables the clinical team to communicate using common phrases in the patient’s language, images, and real-time translation.

“This technology enables healthcare providers to communicate and actually connect with their patients on a more personal level. Hopefully, this effort will help increase health equity in the hospitals and add a small piece to a bigger conversation,” says Santiago Arconada Alvarez, Product Development Team Lead, Georgia CTSA AppHatchery, Emory. 

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