The AppHatchery is a mobile app consulting and development service offered by the Georgia CTSA.

Georgia investigators interested in evaluating or leveraging existing mobile applications, or developing new mobile tools for their research, are invited to chat with consultants at the AppHatchery.

Mobile app development is a resource-intensive process that requires significant engagement from the investigator and the AppHatchery can help navigate that process. This service will assist investigators with:

  • Defining their app goals, functionality, and feasibility
  • Researching and recommending existing tools that may meet their needs
  • Establishing a realistic feature set, development budget, and timeline
  • Assistance with user experience design, clinical data integration,
  • Building a functional “Minimum Viable Product” to test in the field
  • Developing an app launch and support plan

AppHatchery Example Projects

HomeTown is an IOS/Android native application that helps families with genetic predisposition to rare cancers.

 To schedule an AppHatchery consultation, please contact