New Georgia CTSA AppHatchery Service Converts Your Clinical Reference Materials into Engaging Mobile Tools

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Are you a healthcare investigator or physician looking to elevate your patient education and clinical reference materials to new heights of effectiveness and engagement? Georgia CTSA’s AppHatchery, your trusted partner in mobile app development, is launching a new offering: Clinical content digitization to transform your printed patient education materials and clinical reference guides into captivating interactive digital tools.

In today's rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, traditional printed materials often struggle to deliver information in a dynamic and impactful way. That's where we come in. At AppHatchery, we specialize in crafting patient-centered mobile apps that seamlessly blend strategy, user research, design, software development, and clinical study. Picture converting static binders into immersive mobile experiences that enhance patient understanding and compliance while streamlining your workflow and enhancing patient outcomes.

For example, in our recent collaboration with doctors and diabetes educators at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, we converted a conventional patient education binder for newly diagnosed children with Type 1 diabetes into a dynamic and engaging mobile tool called “Type U” now available on the App Store. Through interactive features, personalized content, and user-friendly navigation, we created a digital resource that not only educates but also empowers young patients and their families to manage their condition with confidence.

Don't let outdated printed materials hinder your mission to educate and empower patients. Contact for an initial consultation about your project.

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