Studio Consultation

A Studio Consultation represents a brainstorming session between a clinical investigator, research team, and applicable Georgia CTSA representatives and guest experts. Studios are held to benefit investigators (at no cost) during any phase of the research process (i.e., writing and/or revising a grant application) prior to or during study conduct or when publishing and disseminating results. Studio Consultations provide investigators an opportunity to present synopses of their proposed research and to obtain targeted guidance. Supportive resources related to biostatistics, data safety (DSMB), informatics, recruitment, research study regulation, clinical research units, and more may be presented. Investigators may be linked with needed experts or potential funding sources, provided safety templates and awareness of pre-negotiated Institutional Memorandums of Understanding (MOU), or other non-binding advice. 

The goal is to aid and augment translational design, implementation, and analysis to maximize the competitiveness, accuracy, and reproducibility of the proposal. Consults are planned around the availability of involved parties and the timeline of submission. Consultations are offered virtually or in person. A Studio Consultation may assist researchers in areas such as hypothesis generation, study design, implementation, analysis and interpretation, translation, or manuscript development.

Tangible support examples:
  • Biostatistician calculated sample size or methods
  • Data safety methods strategies or templates
  • Navigational tools for IRB approval of materials
  • Recruiting strategies, templates
  • Technology-driven sample identification with latest informatics techniques
  • Temporary research coordinators and/or room spaces

Submit a Consultation Request

  • In Step 2 of the Submit a Request form, please be sure to select the Studio Consultation (Studio) option.
  • In Step 3, please list the details of your project and describe what type of assistance you wish to receive and/or discuss during the studio consultation.

If you have any questions about Studio Consultations or about how to submit a consultation request, please contact Karen Lindsley.


Karen A. Lindsley, DNP, RN, CDE, CCRC