Clinical Data Extraction

Clinical Data Extraction Service Center

Self Service via the ACT Network

If you are an Emory or Morehouse School of Medicine investigator then you are eligible for access to the ACT Network which is a real-time platform allowing researchers to explore and validate feasibility for clinical studies across the NCATS Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) consortium. Access for Georgia Tech and UGA investigators is in development.

ACT helps researchers design and complete clinical studies, and is secure, HIPAA-compliant and IRB-approved. Please visit the ACTNetwork website to learn more about the ACT Network and to register for the service.

Fee-Based Data Extraction Service Requests

The CTSA Clinical Data Extraction Service Center provides investigators seeking access to information residing within the Clinical Data Warehouse of Emory Healthcare. Fee-based services include:

  • Aggregate population queries for pre-research
  • De-identified clinical data extraction
  • Defining cohort populations for retrospective studies or patient recruitment
  • Extraction of clinical information for current study populations
  • Assisting with the migration of clinical data to research data repositories

The service center is organized to work with an investigator initially to determine the scope, deliverables, timeframe, and cost of a project.

Required documentation for data extraction requests:

  • IRB approval or renewal letter
  • A copy of the research proposal
  • HIPAA waiver or consent documents
  • Recommended: Complete a Studio Consultation prior to submission to speed process

Note: The Georgia CTSA Clinical Research Centers (GCRCs) partner with the Clinical Data Extraction Service Center to offer this resource at a reduced cost to the investigator. To request GCRCs support for Clinical Data Extraction Service Center projects, please mark the appropriate box on the Protocol Submission Form and the request for support will be reviewed at the Scientific Advisory Committee meeting.

For additional information on data extraction requests please contact


Informatics Team